• U.N. Human Rights Panel Urges China to Allow Free Elections in Hong Kong (2014-10-25)
    (New York Times, By Michael Forsythe) The United Nations Human Rights Committee urged China to allow elections in Hong Kong without restrictions on who can run as a candidate. 
  • Military to ‘Tighten Security, Educate Officers’ (2014-10-24)
    (Taipei Times) Taiwan’s armed forces said they would tighten internal security mechanisms and implement education programs in response to a profusion of military espionage cases in recent years. 
  • Taiwan Set to Purchase Advanced Trainers in 2017: Defense Minister (2014-10-24)
    (CNA) Taiwan is planning to purchase advanced trainers to replace its aging fleet of F-5E/F jet fighters and AT-3 jet trainers, Defense Minister Yen Ming said. 
  • Catholic Clergy Trained in Taiwan Return to China (2014-10-23)
    (Taipei Times) China recently received the first batch of missionaries trained in Taiwan as part of a bilateral project launched about four years ago by Taiwan and the Vatican to help the Holy See’s religious outreach in China. 
  • Japan Caves to China on Senkaku Island Dispute (2014-10-18)
    (The Diplomat, By Zachary Keck) In order to secure a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe agreed to a significant concession in Tokyo’s ongoing dispute with China over the Senkaku Islands, according to Japanese media outlets. 
  • Mainland Investment in Taiwan Plunges 20% Over 2014 (2014-10-21)
    (China Post) Due to a decrease in large-scale investment opportunities, Chinese capital flowing to Taiwan dropped nearly 20 percent in the first nine months of the year, the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs said. 
  • Hong Kong Leader Sticks to Election Position Ahead of Talks (2014-10-20)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Ken Brown) Leung Chun-ying warned that regardless of the nomination process, Beijing has the right to decide whether or not to appoint the winner. 
  • Taiwan Tests Sub-Launched Missiles: Report (2014-10-20)
    (AFP) Taiwan's navy successfully test-fired two anti-ship missiles from a submarine, in the first such exercise since the weapons were acquired from the United States, local media reported. 
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  • Cross-Strait Relationship Analyzed in New US Report (2014-10-21)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) While all appears calm on the surface of cross-strait relations, both Taiwan and China are “paddling like hell underneath,” according to a new study released this week by the Hoover Institution. Portrayals of Consistency: Calm on the Surface, Paddling Like Hell Underneath (China Leadership Monitor, Hoover Institution, By Alan D. Romberg) 
  • Deal Set on China-Led Infrastructure Bank (2014-10-25)
    (New York Times, By Bree Feng) China and 20 other countries signed a memorandum agreeing to create an international development bank that Beijing hopes will rival organizations like the World Bank. But some leading Asian countries, including Japan, Australia, South Korea and Indonesia, refrained from joining the project, which the United States has been quietly lobbying against. 
  • China Moves to Reinforce Rule of Law, with Caveats (2014-10-24)
    (New York Times, By Andrew Jacobs and Chris Buckley) Communist Party leaders, seeking to address widespread dissatisfaction with China’s politicized and corrupt judiciary, endorsed a raft of legal changes to foster a more predictable legal system while keeping the courts under the firm control of the party. 
  • As China Deploys Nuclear Submarines, U.S. P-8 Poseidon Jets Snoop on Them (2014-10-24)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Jeremy Page) The U.S. has sent six P-8 jets to its Kadena air base in Okinawa since December as part of its strategy of “rebalancing” toward Asia, deploying more military and diplomatic resources to the region in response to China’s growing firepower and assertiveness. 
  • Pork Politics Threatens Taiwan Strait (2014-10-23)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Rupert Hammond-Chambers) The U.S. can and should drop the link between pork and the proposed Bilateral Investment Agreement, launching negotiations immediately. The pork dispute will be resolved in time, but the U.S. is now placing its broader interests at risk in pursuit of a narrow strategy with no chance of success. 
  • China Versus America (2014-10-21)
    (New York Times, By Roger Cohen) How Chinese “harmony” and American “freedom” produce the dangerous clash of two exceptionalisms. 
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  • Taiwanese, Hong Kongers Identify Less with China (2014-10-23)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) In Taiwan and Hong Kong, residents are identifying less and less as Chinese — a trend that is troubling Beijing, according to a new study by American Enterprise Institute research fellow Michael Mazza. 
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      • Taiwan Should Carefully Handle Chinese Trade Ties: Envoy to US (2014-10-23)
        (CNA) China remains Taiwan's biggest market but also its biggest threat and Taiwan has to tread carefully in maximizing the opportunity while minimizing the threat, Taiwan's de facto ambassador to the United States said in an interview. 
      • Kiribati Expresses Regret Over Missing Funds (2014-10-23)
        (China Post) The Kiribati ambassador to Taiwan expressed regret over missing funds that were donated by Taiwan to her country earlier this year. The money was given to build a landing craft to use as a sea transportation vehicle in the allied Pacific nation. 
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