• China Releases Taiwanese Spies (2015-12-01)
    (Taipei Times) MND confirmed that two military intelligence officers imprisoned in China for nearly a decade were released and returned to Taiwan in mid-October, adding that it was not related to any spy swap deal with China. 
  • ARATS Chairman to Engage with Locals on Seven-Day Tour (2015-12-01)
    (Taipei Times) China’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits Chairman Chen Deming arrived in Taiwan for a seven-day visit. 
  • IMF Lifts Chinese Yuan to Elite Lending-Reserve Currency Status (2015-11-30)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Ian Talley) The International Monetary Fund is adding the Chinese yuan to the basket of elite currencies comprising its lending reserve, marking a milestone in the country’s ascendancy as a global economic power. 
  • Japan Launches Jets After Detection of 11 Chinese Aircraft (2015-11-29)
    (AFP) Japan scrambled jets after 11 Chinese military planes flew near southern Japanese islands during what Beijing said was a drill to improve its long-range combat abilities, reports said. 
  • Bill on Health Insurance Coverage for Mainland China Students Shelved (2015-11-28)
    (CNA) A bill intended to include mainland Chinese students in Taiwan in the country's National Health Insurance program was shelved by the Legislative Yuan amid strong objection from opposition lawmakers. 
  • US to Sell Arms: Sources (2015-11-27)
    (Bloomberg, By Josh Rogin) The US government is close to announcing that it will sell about US$1 billion worth of military equipment to Taiwan, its first new sale in more than four years. The sale is likely to cause a rift in Washington’s relationship with Beijing.  
  • Taiwan, Japan Sign Double Tax Avoidance Pact (2015-11-27)
    (CNA) Taiwan and Japan signed a bilateral agreement on the avoidance of double taxation in Tokyo Thursday, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • China Trade Pacts Prioritized Over TPP: Economic Minister (2015-11-27)
    (CNA) Economics Minister John Chen-chung Deng said that Taiwan prioritizes a trade-in-goods agreement with China over the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership for the moment, adding that he hopes talks on the trade pact with mainland China will make a breakthrough by the end of this year. 
  • Mainland Chinese Students Won't Strain Health Insurance Program, Says Ministry (2015-11-27)
    (CNA) If mainland Chinese students are included in the country's National Health Insurance program, it will not put any burden on NHI resources, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said. 
  • Call for Calm After IS Vid Shows ROC Flag (2015-11-26)
    (China Post) President Ma Ying-jeou called on R.O.C. nationals to stay calm as the government has been beefing up its counter-terrorist attack preparations after an R.O.C. flag was seen in the latest video reportedly released by Islamic State. 
  • Trade Negotiators Fail to Reach Deal (2015-11-25)
    (Taipei Times) Consensuses have been reached with China on special rules of origin and on technical barriers of trade, but several major issues were unresolved. 
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  • Two-Party System Likely to Survive (2015-12-01)
    (Taipei Times, By Wang Yeh-lih) It might be possible for a third force or an emerging party to secure a small number of district seats, and perhaps a small number of minority parties might be able to pass the 5 percent threshold required to be assigned legislator-at-large seats, but the likely result would still be a two-party system in the legislature, and the nation would be stuck with the politics of two majority parties. 
  • A New Confidence-Building Process for the South China Sea? (2015-11-26)
    (The Diplomat, By Bill Hayton) A half-day meeting in Vietnam that involved delegates and observers from all the claimants including China, Taiwan, and little-heard Brunei could mark the beginning of a new confidence-building process in the South China Sea. 
  • Xi Jinping On Chinese Foreign Relations: The Governance Of China And Chinese Commentary (2015-09-09)
    (China Leadership Monitor, Hoover Institution, By Michael D. Swaine) Xi Jinping’s foreign policy thoughts as presented in The Governance of China largely involve the repackaging and in some cases the embellishment or modification of longstanding Chinese policies and views.  
  • New Chinese Weapons Raise Concern (2015-11-27)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Beijing is continuing to test space-age weapons that could make it increasingly difficult for the US to defend Taiwan in the case of an attack from China.  
  • China Retools Its Military with a First Overseas Outpost in Djibouti (2015-11-27)
    (New York Times, By Jane Perlez and Chris Buckely) China announced that it would establish its first overseas military outpost and unveiled a sweeping plan to reorganize its military into a more agile force capable of projecting power abroad. 
  • Xi Jinping Announces Overhaul of China's Military Forces (2015-11-27)
    (New York Times, By Chris Buckley) President Xi Jinping of China has announced a major reorganization of the nation’s military, state-backed news media reported, laying out plans to create new command systems intended to integrate and rebalance land, air and sea forces into a more nimble People’s Liberation Army. 
  • Saving Taiwan's Marine Corps (2015-11-26)
    (The Diplomat, By Grant Newsham and Kerry Gershaneck) The Taiwan Marine Corps’ organization and purpose needs to be radically transformed. To this end, the TMC should become Taiwan’s essential “Rapid Deployment Counterattack Force” – a hybrid of the USMC and the British Royal Marines. It must be become light, mobile, operationally flexible in its thinking, and able to operate as a lethal fire-brigade from one end of Formosa to the other. 
  • From Facebook to Trade, Taiwan Sees Warmer Welcome After Xi Meet (2015-11-26)
    (Bloomberg, By Adela Lin and Debra Mao) Vietnam is hosting Taiwan’s top financial regulator for a first-of-its-kind visit. Indonesia made drawing investment from the island a focus of a new trade post. Singapore’s leader is posting Facebook photos of tea with Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou. 
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