• Security Forum Examines Beijing's Cyberarmy Tactics (2015-01-25)
    (Taipei Times) “It is clear that Taiwan has been used as a ‘training ground’ by a Chinese cyberarmy to hone their skills,” Vice Premier Simon Chang said. 
  • Domestically Built Supply Vessel Joins ROC Navy (2015-01-24)
    (China Post) The advanced field hospital and medical equipment will enable the vessel to carry out humanitarian assistance and medical missions in case of need, the Navy said. 
  • US Remains Angry Over Flag-Raising: Sources (2015-01-24)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) US National Security Council Senior Director for Asian affairs Evan Medeiros said that the U.S.-Taiwan relationship had gone through a difficult period and that he hoped both sides could move past it. 
  • DPP Looks to Build Cross-Strait Relations (2015-01-24)
    (Taipei Times) Expanding the DPP’s ability to deal with cross-strait affairs is the party’s top priority, DPP chairperson Tsai Ing-wen said.
  • US Officials to Visit Taiwan for Talks on Marine Conservation (2015-01-23)
    (CNA) Two high-ranking U.S. officials were scheduled to arrive in Taiwan to discuss international fisheries and marine conservation issues with Taiwanese counterparts, the AIT said. 
  • Beijing's South China Sea Reclamation ‘Massive’: Manila (2015-01-22)
    (AP) China's land reclamation in contested reefs in the South China Sea has become “massive,” and is continuing despite protests from other countries, a Philippine official said. 
  • US Notes Inaccuracies in China Statement Over New Air Routes (2015-01-22)
    (CNA) The U.S. Department of State said that it has noted inaccuracies in a statement made Jan. 15 by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding new air routes in the Taiwan Strait, and urged China to engage and consult with the parties affected to ensure air safety in the region. 
  • DPP Lawmakers Urge Boycott of Zhang Meeting (2015-01-22)
    (Taipei Times) DPP) lawmakers suggested that Mainland Affairs Council Minister Wang Yu-chi call off a scheduled meeting with China’s Taiwan Affairs Office Minister Zhang Zhijun to protest against China’s unilateral plan to open new air routes near Taiwan’s airspace. 
  • DPP Restarts China Affairs Committee (2015-01-22)
    (CNA) DPP rebooted its China Affairs Committee; however, several bigwigs were missing from the meeting. 
  • Honduras' New Ambassador Starts Work (2015-01-22)
    (CNA) Honduras' new ambassador to the Republic of China presented a copy of his credentials to Foreign Minister David Lin on Wednesday, after arriving in Taipei the previous day to take up his new post, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. 
  • Taiwan-US Discussions on Flag-raising Continue (2015-01-21)
    (China Post) Asked to comment on the ceremony that escalated into a diplomatic incident, Kelly Hsieh, head of MOFA's Department of North American Affairs, yesterday said two-way negotiations over the incident are still ongoing. 
  • Ma Encourages Harmony but Stresses Preparedness (2015-01-21)
    (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou marked the 60th anniversary of a battle across the Taiwan Strait, stressing that reconciliation with China is a top priority, but Taiwan must maintain its military preparedness nonetheless. 
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  • A Trilateral Intelligence Sharing Accord Between Japan, Korea and the Untied States: Implications and Challenges (2015-01-22)
    (PacNet #6A, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Sukjoon Yoon) Beijing is concerned about any reconciliation between Seoul and Tokyo that involves accepting Japan’s military capacity to mount countermeasures against Chinese missile attacks.  
  • Communist Leadership Approves Security Goal for China (2015-01-24)
    (New York Times, By Chris Buckley) China’s Communist Party leadership approved a blueprint setting out national security priorities and warning that the country faced daunting domestic and external dangers. 
  • China's Domestic Dynamics: Implications for India and the United States (2015-01-20)
    (Brookings, By Cheng Li) Xi’s ascent to the top leadership rung raises a critical question: will his ongoing concentration of power reverse the trend of collective leadership, which has been a defining characteristic of Chinese elite politics over the past two decades? 
  • As Growth Slows, China Pins Hopes on Consumer Spending (2015-01-20)
    (New York Times, By Alexandra Stevenson) As demand for exports slips and the real estate sector cools, China has been looking to consumers to help pick up the slack. But the country’s slowing growth will complicate those plans. 
  • Obama, Citing China As a Rival, Warns Lawmakers Over Inaction on Trade Measure (2015-01-21)
    (Sinosphere, By Michael Forsythe) President Obama held up China as a formidable rival to the global influence of the United States in his annual State of the Union address, warning lawmakers that failure to take action on trade legislation could be tantamount to ceding America’s leadership role to Beijing.  
  • China and Japan Mending Frail Relationship One Step at a Time (2015-01-08)
    (South China Morning Post, By Kristine Kwok) Both sides are cautious and the obstacles are plentiful, but at least China and Japan are making tentative progress, analysts say. 
  • Why Taiwan Needs Submarines (2015-01-22)
    (The Heritage Foundation, By Dean Cheng) For Taipei, the key to a successful defense of the nation is to hold out long enough for the US to intervene decisively. Taiwan’s military must therefore be able to simultaneously defend the island, while also being able to deny the Chinese regime the ability to easily or rapidly isolate it. 
  • Slicing the Salami in the Air Over the Strait (2015-01-21)
    (Taipei Times, By Shih Chih-yu) Since the new flight paths will essentially render the median nonexistent, this is akin to China taking a piece of airspace that Taiwan views as its own and subsuming it into Beijing’s territorial airspace. It is tantamount to China declaring it a “soft” air defense identification zone. 
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        • TSR Interview with Bonnie Glaser (2014-09-25)
          (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Bonnie Glaser about Taiwan's participation in the international community, President Ma Ying-jeou's bid to meet President Xi Jinping at November's APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Beijing, and more in this TSR exclusive interview
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