• President's Administration Reverses Stance on Visits from the Dalai Lama (2014-10-18)
    (Taipei Times) Since Chinese President Xi Jinping reiterated China’s advocacy of the “one country, two systems” policy in September, the tone of cross-straits relations has shifted. 
  • Vietnam Plans Hotline to China to Manage Tensions (2014-10-18)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Vu Trong Khanh) Vietnam said that it and China have agreed to set up an emergency hotline between their defense ministries to help resolve disputes, as the neighbors struggle to manage increasingly tense disputes over the South China Sea. 
  • Armed Vessels May Stay on Itu Aba (2014-10-17)
    (Reuters) Taiwan is considering stationing armed vessels permanently on a disputed South China Sea island, officials said. 
  • Taiwan Hopes China Sees Good Will in 10/10 Address (2014-10-17)
    (CNA) China should appreciate the good will of Taiwan as evident in President Ma Ying-jeou's touching on Hong Kong in his National Day address, a spokesman for the ruling Kuomintang said. 
  • Kiribati Suspends Official Over Missing Funds (2014-10-17)
    (China Post) The Kiribati government has suspended a deputy minister-level official as part of an ongoing investigation the Pacific ally has launched into a missing aid fund donated by Taiwan earlier this year, Foreign Minister David Lin said. 
  • ‘If We Lose This, We Lose Everything’ (2014-10-17)
    (Foreign Policy, By Suzanne Sataline) After thousands of pro-democracy protesters clash with police, compromise in Hong Kong looks increasingly unlikely. 
  • Navy Eyes Closer Regional Cooperation (2014-10-16)
    (Taipei Times) Admiral Chen Yung-kang told a Taipei conference that the navy is looking to participate in regional humanitarian assistance and disaster relief programs. 
  • US Calls for Swift Probe into Hong Kong Police Brutality (2014-10-16)
    (AFP, By Jerome Taylor) Television footage of officers assaulting the unarmed protester in a dark corner of a public park has sparked outrage and calls for prosecution from activists and lawmakers in the city. 
  • Pacific Islanders in Taiwan for Training Program: Ministry (2014-10-15)
    (Taipei Times) A group of 26 young professionals from Pacific island nations are in Taiwan for a leadership program to learn more about the nation’s political and economic development. 
  • HK Police in Fresh Assault on Protest Barricades (2014-10-15)
    (AFP, By Dennis Chong) Hong Kong police vowed to tear down more street barricades manned by pro-democracy protesters, hours after hundreds of officers armed with chainsaws and boltcutters partially cleared two major roads occupied for a fortnight. 
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  • For Japan, Small Gesture Holds Great Imprtance (2014-10-19)
    (New York Times, By Martin Fackler) The hope of a meeting between President Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan has led to weeks of delicate diplomatic maneuverings, with small gestures parsed for deeper meaning. 
  • Crony Communism in China (2014-10-18)
    (New York Times, By Minxin Pei) Corruption has penetrated so very deeply into the party-state that it has become the glue that holds it together. And so Mr. Xi’s campaign, which is meant to ensure the C.C.P.’s longevity, seems to pose an existential threat to it in the short or medium term. 
  • Anticorruption Agency Gains Power in China (2014-10-17)
    (Wall Street Journal, By James T. Areddy) The Communist Party is embarking on an unconventional strategy to build public confidence in rule of law: strengthening the powers of a secretive investigative body it controls. 
  • U.S. Taiwan Policy Threatens a Face-off with China (2014-10-09)
    (Wall Street Journal, Paul Wolfowitz) Taiwan’s future, and American interests, are imperiled by a lack of U.S. support to counter Taiwanese fears of economic marginalization or to balance the pressure of China’s military buildup. If the U.S. doesn’t change course, the next 18 months could witness a significant increase in U.S.-China tensions over Taiwan. 
  • China's Military Buildup Altering Power Balance (2014-10-16)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) China’s ongoing military buildup could destabilize Taiwan, according to a draft copy of the latest report from the US Congress’ US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. 
  • Asia's American Angst (2014-10-16)
    (New York Times, By Roger Cohen) The “pivot to Asia,” like the Syrian “red line,” like “Assad must go,” betrayed a common theme: words without meaning from an American president, commitments without follow-up, phrases without plans. In Asia as in Europe, these things get noted. 
  • China's Naval Chief Visited Disputed Islands in the South China Sea, Taiwan Says (2014-10-16)
    (Sinosphere, By Bree Feng) In the latest turn in the continuing territorial disputes in the South China Sea, Taiwan’s top intelligence official has said that the Chinese naval chief surveyed islands in the strategic waterway where China has been carrying out land reclamation work. 
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      • TSR Interview with Bonnie Glaser (2014-09-25)
        (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Bonnie Glaser about Taiwan's participation in the international community, President Ma Ying-jeou's bid to meet President Xi Jinping at November's APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Beijing, and more in this TSR exclusive interview
      • TSR Interview with Douglas Paal (2014-09-09)
        (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Douglas Paal, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former director of the American Institute in Taiwan, about the current state of the East China Sea Peace Initiative, Taiwan's place in the United States' Asia strategy, and more in this TSR exclusive interview.  
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