• Japan to Join U.S.-India Military Exercises (2014-07-22)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Niharika Mandhana) Warships from India, Japan and the U.S. will participate in joint exercises in the Pacific Ocean near Japan starting Thursday—a sign of greater maritime cooperation among nations in Asia as they face a more assertive China. 
  • Independence Clause Freeze Will Help DPP: Kuo (2014-07-23)
    (Taipei Times) Julian Kuo said freezing the clause would help the DPP preserve the ‘status quo,’ which is what the US wants, and would keep the US neutral. 
  • Ally Reassure Taiwan on Ties After Xi Meeting (2014-07-23)
    (Taipei Times) Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes has reassured Taiwan that his country will continue to maintain cordial and stable diplomatic relations with Taiwan after he shared a stage with Chinese President Xi Jinping at an international event. 
  • Beijing Won't Agree with DPP's Ideal of Independence: TAO (2014-07-22)
    (China Post) China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang declared Beijing's determined opposition against Taiwan's independence in regard to recent remarks from Taiwan's main opposition party that cited otherwise. 
  • DPP's Tsai Evades Charter Clause Fight (2014-07-21)
    (Taipei Times) Democratic Progressive Party Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen headed off contentious debate by pushing a raft of policy proposals to a committee 
  • Tsai, Su Condemn Movement to Freeze Fundamental Clause (2014-07-20)
    (Taipei Times) The DPP chair and former chairman both took to the Web to blast increasing calls to gut the party’s charter clause on Taiwanese independence. 
  • Minister Promotes US Agriculture Deal (2014-07-20)
    (Taipei Times) During his visit, Council of Agriculture Minister Chen Bao-ji talked with US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on topics including strengthening agricultural and trade relations and agricultural cooperation between the two countries. 
  • TAITRA Reiterates Phnom Penh Trade Center Approved (2014-07-20)
    (Taipei Times) The Taiwan External Trade Development Council insisted it has received the green light from the Cambodian government to open a Taiwan trade center in Phnom Penh. 
  • NZ Delegation Eyes Rising Links (2014-07-18)
    (Taipei Times) A New Zealand delegation visiting Taipei said that it expects more opportunities for trade cooperation with Taiwan, including partnerships to explore other markets. 
  • Japan Builds Amphibious Force Modeled on U.S. Marines (2014-07-18)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Yuka Hayashi) By developing its own amphibious capability, Tokyo might be able to defend remote islands on its own, sparing the U.S. Marines from the task. 
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  • No Shift in Washington's Arms Sales to Taiwan Policy (2014-07-24)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Sources close to the administration of US President Barack Obama told the Taipei Times that it was not considering a change in policy and moving closer to Taiwan. 
  • Beijing's Real Anticorruption Goal (2014-07-23)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Joseph Sternberg) Mr. Xi's anticorruption drive almost certainly will fail to reduce endemic graft. That degree of progress waits on the development of a free press, democratic accountability and an independent judiciary—in other words, the end of the Communist Party regime. 
  • US Needs Pro-active Policy Over China (2014-07-23)
    (Taipei Times) George Washington University international affairs professor Robert Sutter called for a more pro-active US policy to deal with the stepped-up Chinese hegemony threat in Asia in a recent article. 
  • Chinese Challenge: Australia's Japan Choice (2014-07-17)
    (YaleGlobal, By Evelyn Goh) Most Asian nations do not see any option other than a closely entwined future with China and criticize Beijing with caution. Australia under conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott, in advancing defense cooperation with Japan, is bucking that trend, a stance that poses long-term strategic challenges. 
  • U.S. Naval Ties with China Advance, Symbolically (2014-07-20)
    (Sinosphere, By Jane Perlez) The United States chief of naval operations, Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, visited China’s aircraft carrier last week, a symbolic step in the campaign the Pentagon is waging with Beijing for greater transparency even as the two navies become greater rivals. 
  • Helping China's Doves (2014-07-18)
    (New York Times, By Kishore Mahbubani) In Western terms, there are both “hawks” and “doves” in the Chinese establishment, and the West should realize that the hawks have not won the debate in Beijing. 
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