• Despite UN Sanctions, China's Coal Imports From N. Korea Surge (2016-09-27)
    (China Post/AFP) China's coal imports from North Korea have surged in recent months, government data showed Monday, raising questions about Beijing's commitment to international sanctions intended to curb Pyongyang's nuclear program. 
  • Beijing Sends Military Planes Over Strait By Japan (2016-09-27)
    (China Post/AFP) China has sent fighter planes for the first time over a strait near Japan, the two governments said Monday, after Tokyo announced it may patrol alongside the U.S. in the disputed South China Sea. 
  • Philippines, US To Conduct War Games As Duterte Softens (2016-09-26)
    (Taipei Times/Bloomberg) The Philippines and the US have scheduled military drills next month in the Southeast Asian nation, the US embassy in Manila said, days after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte acknowledged that his country did need US troops in the South China Sea. 
  • China Starts Up World’s Largest Radio Telescope (2016-09-26)
    (Taipei Times/AP)The world’s largest radio telescope yesterday began searching for signals from stars and galaxies and, perhaps, extraterrestrial life in a project demonstrating China’s rising ambitions in space and its pursuit of international scientific prestige. 
  • Delegation Leaves For ICAO Without Invite (2016-09-26)
    (China Post/CNA) A Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) delegation departed Sunday for Montreal, where it hopes to hold talks with Taiwan-friendly countries outside the venue of the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO's) assembly. 
  • China's Li Keqiang Seeks New Tack in Relations With Cuba (2016-09-26)
    (China Post/AFP) Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday said it was time for a new direction in relations with Cuba, during a landmark visit to the Americas' lone communist-ruled state. 
  • US Urges Taiwan and China to Engage With Dignity (2016-09-25)
    (Taipei Times/CNA) Washington encourages the two sides of the Taiwan Strait to engage each other on the basis of dignity and respect, a senior US Department of State official said on Friday, after Taiwan was not invited to attend an upcoming International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assembly, apparently due to China’s objections. 
  • N. Korea Air Show Thumbs Nose At Sanctions (2016-09-25)
    (China Post, By Giles Hewitt of AFP) Just weeks after carrying out its fifth nuclear test, North Korea put on an unprecedented civilian and military air force display Saturday at the country's first ever public aviation show. 
  • Abe Seeks Cuba's Help Amid N. Korea Nuke 'Provocations' (2016-09-25)
    (China Post/AFP) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe concluded a visit to Cuba Friday with condemnation of North Korea's nuclear "provocations" and a request for help from Pyongyang's ally Havana to pursue a "world without nuclear weapons." Abe, the first Japanese premier to visit Cuba, discussed the nuclear question in meetings with both Fidel and Raul Castro, the brothers who have ruled the communist island since 1959. 
  • United States Replaces China As Taiwan's Largest Debtor (2016-09-25)
    (China Post/CNA) The United States has replaced China to become Taiwan's largest debtor on the back of Taiwanese banks' efforts to tighten their control on lending to the Chinese mainland in a bid to lower possible risks down the road, according to the local central bank.  
  • ICAO: US Backs Taiwan's 'Meaningful Participation' (2016-09-24)
    (China Post/CNA) The U.S. State Department on Thursday expressed support for Taiwan's meaningful participation in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a U.N. specialized agency, as Taiwan seeks to take part in the ICAO meeting for a second time in recent years. 
  • Canada, China Agree To Start Talks On Free-Trade Agreement (2016-09-24)
    (China Post, By Michel Comte of AFP) Canada and China have agreed to begin talks for a possible free-trade accord with an aim of doubling bilateral commerce by 2025, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday. 
  • Coast Guard Ships Are Not Show of Force: Tsai (2016-09-23)
    President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday said that Taiwan’s efforts to build its own military vessels are intended to ensure sustainable maritime development and an ability to participate in maritime rescue missions, rather than as a show of force. 
  • Heed South Asian Tensions: Pakistan (2016-09-23)
    (Taipei Times/Reuters) Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday accused nuclear-armed rival India of putting unacceptable conditions on dialogue and said the world would ignore rising tension in South Asia at its peril.
  • Gov't Confirms Taiwan Won't Get ICAO Invite (2016-09-23)
    (China Post, By Stephanie Chao) The government expressed regret and dissatisfaction Friday after it was confirmed that Taiwan would not receive an invitation to attend next week's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) assembly. 
  • Japan Prime Minister Demands World Find 'New Means' To Stop North Korea (2016-09-23)
    (China Post, By Shaun Tandon of AFP) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday demanded that the world find a new way to halt the threat from North Korea after the long-sanctioned regime's nuclear and missile tests. 
  • US Air Force Bombers Fly Over S Korea Near Border With North In Show Of Force (2016-09-22)
    (Taipei Times/Reuters) Two US supersonic bombers yesterday flew over South Korea, with one of them landing at an air base 40km south of Seoul, the second such flight since North Korea’s nuclear test on Sept. 9. 
  • US, China In Talks Over North Korea (2016-09-21)
    (Taipei Times/Reuters) US President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday agreed to step up cooperation in the UN Security Council and in law enforcement channels after North Korea’s fifth nuclear test, the White House said. 
  • ICAO Participation Necessary: Minister of Transportation (2016-09-21)
    (Taipei Times, By Shelley Shan) Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a necessity, Minister of Transportation and Communications Hochen Tan said in a statement to the international community, adding that aviation safety affairs and other challenges must be tackled through close cooperation among all nations. 
  • Kim Presides Over Rocket Test, Orders Satellite Launch (2016-09-21)
    (Taipei Times/AP) North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has overseen a ground test of a new rocket engine and ordered preparations for a satellite launch, state media said yesterday, an indication the country might soon conduct a prohibited long-range rocket launch. 
  • Gov't Expresses Concern After Cambodia Deports Suspects To China (2016-09-21)
    (China Post) The Foreign Ministry has expressed grave concern over the Cambodian government's decision Tuesday to deport 13 Taiwanese fraud suspects to China instead of repatriating them to Taiwan for prosecution. 
  • Strength Necessary To Face Down China's United Front (2016-09-21)
    (China Post, By Yuan-Ming Chiao) The challenge for the Tsai administration is not a headlong reorientation of the national tourism sector to cater to one particular group or region, but to develop sustainable infrastructure that is adaptable to changing external environments (i.e., high politics, economic shocks) and that is more egalitarian in that they foster the growth of many stakeholders and not just the few.
  • China Meeting Likely Planned By TAO (2016-09-21)
    (Taipei Times, By Lin Liang-sheng, Huang Chung-shan, Gang Chih-chi and Jonat ) An official cited Beijing’s fast response to the delegation’s call for expanded exchanges and their lack of resources as evidence of behind-the-scenes machinations. 
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  • Assessing U.S.-China Relations Under the Obama Administration (2016-08-30)
    (China-US Focus, By Cheng Li) Containing China is no easy task. The United States is a global power with unique norms, perspectives, and strategies, and China should not interpret every U.S. action as an effort at containment. By the same measure, it is misguided for the United States to consider every Chinese action as a challenge to its preeminent position. The two sides should avoid making assumptions and policies based on extreme views and misguided conspiracy theories. 
  • Prospect of Philippine Thaw Slows China’s Plans in South China Sea (2016-09-25)
    (New York Times, By Jane Perlez) China’s next big target for construction of an artificial island in the South China Sea has long been assumed to be the Scarborough Shoal, but the election last spring of President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, who has since showered threats and epithets on the United States, has changed China’s calculation. 
  • For Taiwan, Google Images of Disputed Island Are Too Clear (2016-09-24)
    (New York Times, By Christopher Mele) Taiwan has asked Google to blur satellite images of the disputed island — Itu Aba, also known as Taiping Island — that show what appear to be new military installations. 
  • Sidelined at the U.N., a Frustrated Taiwan Presses On (2016-09-23)
    (New York Times, By Andrew Jacobs) China has for decades chipped away at Taiwan’s global standing, but now the island is pushing back with behind-the-scenes diplomacy and soft power.
  • Canada Agrees to Talks on Extradition Treaty With China (2016-09-21)
    (New York Times, By Dan Levin) Canada has agreed to negotiate a bilateral extradition treaty with China, breaking with a longstanding opposition over concerns about China’s lack of due process and other human rights violations, according to a joint communiqué quietly posted on the website of the Canadian prime minister’s office. 
  • Canada and China Will Enter Trade Talks, Justin Trudeau Says (2016-09-23)
    (New York Times, By Ian Austen) Canada and China will begin talks that may lead to a free-trade agreement, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday. 
  • China Turns on Charm Offensive for Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan (2016-09-22)
    (YaleGlobal, By Bertil Lintiner) Tiny Bhutan risks being caught in the middle of a regional power play that it might not be able to handle. 
  • Japan-South Korea Relations in 2016: A Return to the Old Normal (2016-09-22)
    (CSIS, By Brad Glosserman) The most important near-term objective of both governments should be to protect the gains that have been made by continuing to implement existing agreements. 
  • China Announces Inquiry Into Company Trading With North Korea (2016-09-21)
    (New York Times, By Jame Perlez and Chris Buckley) The investigation by the Chinese authorities was not surprising, said an expert on North Korea, Cheng Xiaohe, an assistant professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing. The action did not suggest a sweeping inquiry into Chinese trade with North Korea, he said. 
  • Is China Building a Road to Ruin? (2016-09-20)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Andrew Browne) Few dispute that debt has become the Achilles’ heel of the Chinese economy as the government builds frantically to boost growth at all costs, even as it seeks to rebalance the economy toward services and consumption. McKinsey calculates that between 2000 and 2014 China added $26.1 trillion to its debt, a figure greater than the GDP of the U.S., Japan and Germany combined. 
  • Is China Really Building Missiles With Artificial Intelligence? (2016-09-21)
    (The Diplomat, By Abhijit Singh) Apart from reiterating China’s global leadership status in the field of artificial intelligence, the Chinese source did not provide any insight into the specific nature of autonomous capability being developed. 
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        • Chinese Politics, Economy, and Rule of Law (2016-09-20)
          (Asia Focus, By Cheng Li) I think China’s collective leadership model, which emphasizes deal making and compromise over zero-sum elite competition, is alive and well. It is more enduring and sustainable than most people believe. Regional interests play a key role in China's balance of power. Xi Jinping derives his influence from the coastal and inland regions, but there are still the northeastern, central, and southern parts of China, where coalitions have formed to compete with and constrain Xi’s power. So the Chinese system of checks and balances still works. 
        • Writing China: The Limits of the Yuan’s Global Rise (2016-09-19)
          (China Real Time Report, By Lingling Wei) The objective of making the yuan a truly global currency still serves the Chinese leadership well. It provides a framework for pushing forward capital-account opening, financial-sector reforms and exchange-rate flexibility, and blunting domestic opposition to those reforms. In the book, I describe this as a “Trojan horse” strategy. Whatever happens with the yuan’s prominence on the world stage, such reforms are good for the Chinese economy. 
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