• Senior Civil Servants Barred from PRC Study (2014-10-30)
    (Taipei Times) Senior civil servants and officials whose work relates to national security are to be barred from pursuing advanced studies in China as of today, Minister of the Interior Chen Wei-zen announced. 
  • Protesters in Hong Kong on Edge as Police Track Their Online Footprints (2014-10-29)
    (New York Times, By Michael Forsythe and Alan Wong) Even if the police eventually drop the case, a man’s arrest over posts about the pro-democracy demonstrations may already have served a purpose. 
  • NSB Denies Recruiting Chinese Students (2014-10-28)
    (Taipei Times) The National Security Bureau denied a report by China’s Global Times that it is recruiting Chinese students studying in Taiwan as intelligence sources. 
  • Legislators Freeze Foreign Affairs Fund (2014-10-28)
    (Taipei Times) Concerned about foreign influence on the next presidential election, legislators demanded a special report justifying a requested budget increase. 
  • Justice Probes Influence of Foreign Cash (2014-10-28)
    (CNA) The Ministry of Justice said it would launch an investigation into the alleged use of Chinese money for influence peddling as campaigns heat up ahead of the Nov. 29 nine-in-one elections. 
  • ‘Carrier-Killer’ Starts Trials (2014-10-28)
    (CNA) The nation’s first US$72.39 million stealth missile corvette began a round of sea trials in waters off the nation’s east coast, military officials said. 
  • Taiwan Eases Travel Restrictions for Chinese Visitors to Its Islands (2014-10-28)
    (CNA) Starting next year, visitors from China will no longer be required to apply for a permit to visit Taiwan's major outlying islands, the Mainland Affairs Council confirmed. 
  • More Firms Suffer Losses in China: Study (2014-10-27)
    (CNA) An increasing number of Taiwanese businesses operating in China have suffered operating losses over the past years, according to a study conducted by the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association. 
  • Vietnam, China Agree to Better Manage Sea Disputes (2014-10-27)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Vu Trong Khanh) Vietnam and China pledged to better manage maritime disputes in the South China Sea as the two seek a thaw in relations following a standoff in recent months over a Chinese oil rig operating in disputed waters. 
  • Tossed Vote Leaves HK in Disarray (2014-10-27)
    (AFP) Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters were forced to call off a planned vote on their next steps due to differing opinions about how to move their month-long campaign forward. 
  • U.N. Human Rights Panel Urges China to Allow Free Elections in Hong Kong (2014-10-25)
    (New York Times, By Michael Forsythe) The United Nations Human Rights Committee urged China to allow elections in Hong Kong without restrictions on who can run as a candidate. 
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  • Taking Back Hong Kong's Future (2014-10-30)
    (New York Times, By Joshua Wong Chi-Fung) The people of my generation, the so-called post-90s generation, want more. In a world where ideas and ideals flow freely, we want what everybody else in an advanced society seems to have: a say in our future. 
  • Nation Juggles China, US, Japan Ties: Ex-NSC Chief (2014-10-30)
    (CNA) Taiwan maintains good relations with the United States, China and Japan, but its maneuvering space has been squeezed due to the competition and misgivings among the three, Su Chi, former National Security Council head, said. 
  • Bush Wants to ‘Clarify Concerns’ with DPP (2014-10-29)
    (Taipei Times) Former AIT chairman Richard Bush said in Taipei that he would like to talk with the DPP to clarify its concerns about alleged US intervention in Taiwan’s elections. 
  • Ma-Xi Meeting ‘Not Impossible’ (2014-10-29)
    (China Post) It is “not impossible” for a meeting between leaders of both sides of the Taiwan Strait to take place in the future, yet the meeting will not take place until both sides have agreed on several important issues, Richard Bush said. 
  • Beijing Zeroes in on Energy Potential of South China Sea (2014-10-29)
    (New York Times, By Chris Horton) Much of the muscle-flexing over disputed waters in the South China Sea is political. But China is also interested in the oil and natural gas that might lie below the waters. 
  • China Signals Greater Oversight of Military, Media (2014-10-29)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Josh Chin and Brian Spegele) China’s Communist Party signaled plans to increase legal restrictions online, step up supervision of the military, and set up new laws to combat terrorism and corruption as part of a wide-ranging legal overhaul designed to bolster party rule. CCP Central Resolution on Some Significant Issues Regarding Comprehensively Advancing Governing the Country According to Law (in Chinese)
  • The Cross-Taiwan Strait Diplomatic Truce in the Pacific (2014-10-27)
    (Pacific Islands Society, By Dalton Lin) The cross-Taiwan Strait diplomatic truce built upon a consensus of common interests is fragile, and any cracks in this consensus can quickly torpedo the armistice. The resumption of a cross-strait diplomatic antagonism, unfortunately, will serve no party’s interests. Neither China nor Taiwan. Nor the PICs. 
  • Weary of US Stalling, Push Builds for Subs (2014-10-28)
    (Reuters, By J.R. Wu) The navy is pushing to develop an indigenous diesel-electric submarines program, but nations with sub-building experience remain unwilling to offer help.  
  • America in Northeast Asia: Credibility and Deterrence (2014-10-27)
    (The Diplomat, By Robert Dujarric) I argued it was likely, though not certain, that a PLA attack on Taiwan would push the U.S. to respond with force. In the case of Japan, it’s nearly impossible to think a Chinese assault, even one limited to remote islands, would not lead to a Sino-American war if Japan required U.S. assistance 
  • Expert Issues Taiwan Subs Plea to Obama (2014-10-27)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Richard Fisher, senior fellow with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, made a public plea to US President Barack Obama to help Taiwan build its own submarines. 
  • US Experts Warn against Building Submarines (2014-10-26)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) The huge amount of money needed to build a few submarines could be used for midget submarines or unmanned undersea vehicles, US military experts said. 
  • US-Japan-India Cooperation: A Trilateral Whose Time Has Come (2014-10-20)
    (PacNet #76, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Richard Rossow, Toru Ito, Anupam Srivastava, and Brad Glosserman) An anti-China coalition cannot drive U.S.-Japan-India cooperation. But then, it should not have to. The three countries have many shared interests and reasons to cooperate. 
  • Cross-Strait Relationship Analyzed in New US Report (2014-10-21)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) While all appears calm on the surface of cross-strait relations, both Taiwan and China are “paddling like hell underneath,” according to a new study released this week by the Hoover Institution. Portrayals of Consistency: Calm on the Surface, Paddling Like Hell Underneath (China Leadership Monitor, Hoover Institution, By Alan D. Romberg) 
  • Deal Set on China-Led Infrastructure Bank (2014-10-25)
    (New York Times, By Bree Feng) China and 20 other countries signed a memorandum agreeing to create an international development bank that Beijing hopes will rival organizations like the World Bank. But some leading Asian countries, including Japan, Australia, South Korea and Indonesia, refrained from joining the project, which the United States has been quietly lobbying against. 
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        • TSR Interview with Bonnie Glaser (2014-09-25)
          (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Bonnie Glaser about Taiwan's participation in the international community, President Ma Ying-jeou's bid to meet President Xi Jinping at November's APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Beijing, and more in this TSR exclusive interview
        • TSR Interview with Douglas Paal (2014-09-09)
          (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Douglas Paal, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former director of the American Institute in Taiwan, about the current state of the East China Sea Peace Initiative, Taiwan's place in the United States' Asia strategy, and more in this TSR exclusive interview.  
        • TSR Interview with Alan Romberg (2014-07-30)
          (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Alan Romberg, distinguished fellow and director of the East Asia program at the Stimson Center, about the independence clause issue, the recent National Conference on Economic and Trade Affairs, and more in this TSR exclusive interview
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