• Taiwan, China Agree Not to Let Protests Curb Ties: SEF (2014-07-31)
    (Taipei Times) The SEF’s chairman said the two sides struck a consensus to not let the movement against the cross-strait service pact affect other trade negotiations. 
  • Defense Mission Director Removed (2014-07-30)
    (Taipei Times) The Ministry of National Defense confirmed that Army Major General Li Hsien-sheng, who was the director in charge of Taiwan’s defense mission in the US, has been removed from his post after he failed lie-detector tests in May. 
  • ROC Envoy Has Meeting with Sao Tome President (2014-07-30)
    (China Post) Taiwan's ambassador to Sao Tome and Principe recently had a meeting with Sao Tome's president, during which the two sides touched on issues surrounding the leader's possible trip to Taiwan and his recently concluded China tour, MOFA said. 
  • Government Set to Make Efforts for Re-evaluating Beijing's Sway on ROC  (2014-07-29)
    (China Post) NDC Minister Kuan Chung-ming said as the Taiwanese grow concerned over cross-strait trade progress, the NDC will strengthen national security risk management, publish a “cross-strait risk red book” annually and establish an evaluation system of China's influence on Taiwan's politics and economics. 
  • US Hopes to Advance Cooperation with the ROC on Security Issues (2014-07-29)
    (CNA) The United States is hoping to expand cooperation with Taiwan on security issues, according to an American Institute in Taiwan official speaking at an international conference in Taipei. 
  • Taiwan Should Seize on China's Rise: Siew (2014-07-27)
    (China Post) Former Vice President Vincent Siew said that China's ascent is inevitable and Taiwan should try to take advantage of that rise as a stepping stone for development. 
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  • China Moves to Ease Home-Registration Rules in Urbanization Push (2014-07-31)
    (New York Times, By Chris Buckley) The Chinese government issued proposals to break down barriers that a nationwide household registration system has long imposed between rural and urban residents and among regions. 
  • China Says Former Security Chief Is being Investigated for Corruption (2014-07-30)
    (New York Times, By Chris Buckley and Andrew Jacobs) According to the terse announcement by the party’s anticorruption agency, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhou Yongkang is being investigated “on suspicion of grave violations of discipline.” 
  • Xi Rides the Tiger (2014-07-29)
    (Wall Street Journal) Prosecution of Mr. Zhou will violate an unwritten rule of the post-Deng Xiaoping era, that retired PSC members enjoy immunity. The Communist Party established this and other norms to try to solve the central problem of all authoritarian governments: how to transfer power peacefully. 
  • With Microsoft in Sights, China Starts to Squeeze U.S. Tech Companies (2014-07-28)
    (New York Times, By Andrew Jacobs, Chris Buckley, and Nick Wingfield) Tensions between the United States and China have escalated over spying concerns by both sides, and in recent months Chinese authorities have increased their scrutiny of foreign tech companies. 
  • US Analysis of China May Have Warning for Taiwan (2014-07-27)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) China is no longer simply responding, but acting on its own initiative, former US assistant secretary of state for East Asian affairs Kurt Campbell said. 
  • Breaking Western Monopolies: Chinese Military Innovation Bearing Fruit (2014-07-17)
    (China Brief 14(14), Jamestown Foundation, By Duncan Rogers) China has undertaken a major overhaul of its entire military industrial base over the past 20 years, the results of which have been a quantum shift in quality production, approaching world-class standards in a multitude of arenas. 
  • Quality Over Quantity: A New PLA Modernization Methodology? (2014-07-17)
    (China Brief 14(14), Jamestown Foundation, By Kevin McCauley) Transformation of generating mode of combat effectiveness represents a more focused modernization effort to implement the key warfighting capabilities of system of systems operational capability and integrated joint operations viewed by the PLA as critical to winning future wars. 
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  • Keep Your Eye on Beijing (2014-07-28)
    (Foreign Policy, By Bruce Stokes) When asked, majorities in six of 10 Asian nations, not including China itself, express a favorable opinion of China. But Asian views of Beijing vary widely. 
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