• China Can Damage US Power Grid: NSA (2014-11-22)
    (AP) China and “one or two” other countries are capable of mounting cyberattacks that would shut down the computer systems of US power utilities, aviation networks and financial companies, the US director of the National Security Agency said. 
  • Trade Liberalization Not Fast Enough: President (2014-11-22)
    (Taipei Times) US Official Kurt Tong said that Taiwan is an important economy and it is important for it to improve its competitiveness and further open its markets. 
  • NSB Warns of Rising China Cyberattacks (2014-11-21)
    (Taipei Times) China has been escalating its cyberwarfare against Taiwan, using an army of 180,000 cyberspies and more sophisticated methods to hack and steal information from government agencies and industries. 
  • Kerry Urges Taiwan to Step Up Market Reforms (2014-11-16)
    (CNA) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently reiterated that Washington welcomes Taipei's interests in joining the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, but noted that Taiwan needs to step up efforts on reforming its economy, according to the American Institute in Taiwan. 
  • Su Chi Book Implies Lien Chan Leaks (2014-11-20)
    (Taipei Times) A DPP legislator is demanding a probe after the book recounted Lien Chan transcribing Ma’s inaugural speech, for reasons Su said he ‘could not dare’ to think about. 
  • US State Department Official to Visit Taiwan (2014-11-19)
    (China Post) Kurt Tong, the principal deputy assistant secretary for the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, will today begin his three-day visit to Taiwan. 
  • Obama Lauds Taiwanese Democracy (2014-11-17)
    (Taipei Times) The US president named Taiwan, Japan and South Korea as examples of ‘thriving democracies,’ while also acknowledging Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests. 
  • US, Australia, Japan Confer on Asian Security Issues (2014-11-17)
    (AFP) US President Barack Obama held three-way talks with the leaders of Japan and Australia, a day after stressing that US engagement in the Asia-Pacific region is here to stay as China rises. 
  • Hong Kong Protests Reach Crossroads As Support Declines (2014-11-17)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Isabella Steger) The seven-week-old pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are at a crucial juncture amid falling public support and rising expectations police will clear the protest sites and arrest the protesters.  
  • US President's Asia-Pacific Message ‘Directed at China’ (2014-11-16)
    (Reuters) US President Barack Obama sought to reassure Asia-Pacific allies about Washington’s strategic shift toward the region as he sent a veiled message to China with a vow to “deepen our engagement using every element of our power.” 
  • Hong Kong Protest Leaders Refused Entry to Mainland (2014-11-16)
    (Bloomberg) Hong Kong student leaders of pro-democracy protests were blocked from flying to Beijing as they sought to meet with Chinese leaders to press their case for open elections for the territory’s chief executive in 2017. 
  • Obama Offers Assurances of U.S. Shift toward Asia (2014-11-15)
    (New York Times, By Mark Landler) President Obama sought to give new momentum to his strategic shift to Asia, telling an audience of students in Australia that the United States could be a force for order in a fast-growing region shadowed by threats like a nuclear-armed North Korea and maritime disputes between China and its neighbors. 
  • A ‘New Type of Military Relations’ for China and the US (2014-11-13)
    (The Diplomat, By Shannon Tiezzi) As U.S.-China ties become more strained, a working military relationship is ever more crucial. 
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  • China Military Buildup Affects US Options: Report (2014-11-22)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) China’s massive military buildup will “complicate” US options should China attack Taiwan, US-China Economic and Security Review Commission chairman Dennis Shea said. 
  • Taiwan's Ability to Sign FTAs in Doubt: US (2014-11-22)
    (China Post) Taiwan's efforts to establish FTA with other countries have stalled, with the international community beginning to doubt Taiwan's ability to ratify negotiated agreements following the public's strong opposition to the cross-strait service trade pact, according to a U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission statement. 
  • The Invisible Candidate in Taiwan's Elections (2014-11-19)
    (Foreign Policy, By Chris Fuchs) The Nov. 29 elections are more than just an exercise in local politics. Beijing has actively cultivated relationships with local Taiwanese officials in the lead up to the elections and will likely watch the outcome closely. 
  • Close Cross-Strait Economic Ties Help China: US Report (2014-11-21)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) There is growing public concern in Taiwan about the nation’s vulnerability to Chinese influence and economic coercion, a report to the US Congress says. 
  • Experts in US Share Insights into Taiwan Elections (2014-11-20)
    (CNA) Shelley Rigger stressed that the coming local elections are “not a referendum on national issues” and argued they are instead about local concerns and “(President) Ma Ying-jeou is not on the ballot.” 
  • China ‘Worried’ Over Elections: Forum (2014-11-20)
    (Taipei Times, By William Lowther) If the KMT were to suffer major losses, it could put pressure on Ma Ying-jeou to ‘step aside’ and let others make the decisions, a US academic said. 
  • China's Gift-Bearing Evokes Ancient Ritual (2014-11-18)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Andrew Browne) What the U.S. now fears is that recent Chinese pledges of bounty for neighbors is part of an elaborate ruse to push America out of East Asia and return the region to an ancient order in which China played the role of a gift-bestowing hegemon. 
  • China Caps Big Week of Diplomacy (2014-11-17)
    (Wall Street Journal, By Chun Han Wong) President Xi Jinping capped a whirlwind week for Chinese diplomacy that showed a Beijing comfortable seeking middle ground with wary rivals and neighbors. 
  • Asia Pacific Economic Leadership: Shifting from the US to China? (2014-11-14)
    (PacNet #79, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Yang Razali Kassim) A hectic week of high-level diplomacy in Beijing has seen China asserting its weight and snatching the region’s economic leadership from traditional leader, the United States. The implications will not be missed as ASEAN leaders meet in summit in Myanmar this week. 
  • The Xi-Obama Meeting: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (2014-11-13)
    (The Diplomat, By Shannon Tiezzi) Amidst widespread reports of increased U.S.-China tensions, Xi and Obama tried to emphasize the cooperative side of the bilateral relationship, but ideological tensions are increasingly becoming a major factor in the relationship – a worrisome sign for what is widely acknowledged as the most important bilateral relationship in the world. 
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      • TSR Interview with Bonnie Glaser (2014-09-25)
        (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Bonnie Glaser about Taiwan's participation in the international community, President Ma Ying-jeou's bid to meet President Xi Jinping at November's APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Beijing, and more in this TSR exclusive interview
      • TSR Interview with Douglas Paal (2014-09-09)
        (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Douglas Paal, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former director of the American Institute in Taiwan, about the current state of the East China Sea Peace Initiative, Taiwan's place in the United States' Asia strategy, and more in this TSR exclusive interview.  
      • TSR Interview with Alan Romberg (2014-07-30)
        (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research's Kristian McGuire speaks with Alan Romberg, distinguished fellow and director of the East Asia program at the Stimson Center, about the independence clause issue, the recent National Conference on Economic and Trade Affairs, and more in this TSR exclusive interview
      • TSR Interview with Dr. Richard Bush (2014-07-03)
        (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research’s Kristian McGuire speaks with Dr. Richard Bush, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and holder of the Chen-Fu and Cecilia Yen Koo Chair in Taiwan Studies, about Clinton's warning about economic dependence on China, TAO Minister Zhang Zhijun's unprecedented visit to Taiwan, and more in this TSR exclusive interview. 
      • TSR Interview with Dr. Robert Sutter (2014-06-19)
        (Taiwan Security Research, By Kristian McGuire) Taiwan Security Research’s Kristian McGuire speaks with Dr. Robert Sutter, Professor of Practice of International Affairs at the Elliott School of George Washington University, about China’s perspectives on the recent coup in Thailand, the alignment between Vietnam and the Philippines on the South China Sea disputes, and the public outcry in Hong Kong over the territory’s democratic prospect as well as its implications for Taiwan. 
      • The Beijing APEC Summit in Review (2014-11-13)
        (The Diplomat, By Shannon Tiazzi) David Shambaugh on China’s ultimate goals in the region and how the APEC summit outlined this ‘Asia-Pacific dream.’ 
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