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Cross-Strait Relations
Taiwan President Extends Sympathy to China Over Devastating Floods (2021-07-22)
(Taiwan News, By Huang Tzu-ti) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on Wednesday (July 21) offered her sympathy to those affected by what some have described as a “once-in-a-millennium” flooding event in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

China Thanks Taiwan President, Indirectly, for Concern Over Floods (2021-07-22)
(Reuters) China's government on Thursday offered an indirect thank you to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen for her message of concern over devastating floods in the central Chinese province of Henan, in a rare show of goodwill between Beijing and Taipei.

Last Official Set to Leave HK TECO (2021-07-23)
(Taipei Times, By Chen Yu-fu and Kayleigh Madjar) The last representative at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Hong Kong is set to leave before his visa expires next week, a source said on Tuesday.
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
New AIT Deputy Chief Arrives in Taiwan (2021-07-19)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) The new deputy director of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Jeremy Cornforth arrived in the country on Monday, the AIT said in a statement the same day.

U.S. Senators Propose National Guard-Taiwan Partnership Program (2021-07-21)
(CNA, By Stacy Hsu and Matthew Mazzetta) A bipartisan group of 13 U.S. senators has introduced a resolution calling for the establishment of a partnership program between the U.S. National Guard and Taiwan's defense forces.

U.S. Official Pledges Continued Support for Taiwan amid China's Deterrence (2021-07-24)
(CNA) Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs Naz Durakoğlu on Friday said the United States will continue to express support for Taiwan as China seeks to deter the island's international standing.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics
The Tragedy of Taiwan’s ‘Recall Revenge’ (2021-07-20)
(The Diplomat, By Lev Nachman and Brian Hioe) The goal of Taiwan’s recall and referendum reforms was to empower civil society against entrenched politicians. The result has been the exact opposite.

Taiwan's Foreign Relations 
‘Taiwanese’ Office to Open in Lithuania (2021-07-21)
(Taipei Times, By Lin Chia-nan) Taiwan is to establish a “Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania,” the first office in Europe to be called Taiwanese, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday.

R&D Capability Attracts Foreign Investment in Taiwan: U.S. Report (2021-07-22)
(CNA) The U.S. government's Investment Climate Statements report released Wednesday, observes that Taiwan's advanced R&D capability and government incentives have attracted American and other foreign investment in the country.
U.S.-China Relations
Microsoft Exchange Hack Caused By China, US and Allies Say (2021-07-19)
(Associated Press, By Eric Tucker) The Biden administration and Western allies formally blamed China on Monday for a massive hack of Microsoft Exchange email server software and asserted that criminal hackers associated with the Chinese government have carried out ransomware and other illicit cyber operations.

China Dismisses U.S. Accusation of Global Hacking Campaign (2021-07-20)
(Reuters) China said on Tuesday that accusations made by the United States and its allies that the Chinese government has conducted a global cyber hacking campaign were unwarranted.

The Justice Dept. Accuses Chinese Security Officials of a Hacking Attack Seeking Data on Viruses Like Ebola (2021-07-19)
(New York Times, By Katie Benner) The Justice Department on Monday accused three Chinese state security officials of coordinating a vast hacking campaign to steal sensitive and secret information from government entities, universities and corporations around the world, including research related to autonomous vehicles, genetic-sequencing technology and infectious diseases like the Ebola virus.

China Breached Dozens of Pipeline Companies in Past Decade, U.S. Says (2021-07-20)
(New York Times, By Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger) For the first time, the agencies said they judged that the “intrusions were likely intended to gain strategic access” to the industrial control networks that run the pipelines “for future operations rather than for intellectual property theft.” In other words, the hackers were preparing to take control of the pipelines, rather than just stealing the technology that allowed them to function.

Constant but Camouflaged, Flurry of Cyberattacks Offers Glimpse of New Era (2021-07-20)
(New York Times, By Max Fisher) Rather than resembling a new kind of war, hacking is coming to play a role in the 21st century much like espionage did in the 20th, analysts and former officials believe. It is a never-ending cat-and-mouse game played by small states and great powers alike. Adversarial, even hostile, but tolerated within limits. Sometimes punished or prevented, but assumed to be constant.

No. 2 US Diplomat Sherman to Visit China as Tensions Soar (2021-07-21)
(Associated Press, By Matthew Lee) Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman will travel to China this weekend on a visit that comes as tensions between Washington and Beijing soar on multiple fronts, the State Department said Wednesday.

China Retaliates with Sanctions on Former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (2021-07-23)
(The Guardian, By Vincent Ni) Barely 48 hours before the arrival in China of one of Biden’s most-trusted diplomats, Beijing has announced its decision to impose counter-sanctions on seven American citizens and entities, including former commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, in retaliation against Washington’s earlier sanctions on Chinese officials over Hong Kong crackdowns.

Chinese Prosecutor Charged in Alleged Plot to Intimidate Citizens to Return to China (2021-07-23)
(Reuters, By Sarah N. Lynch) The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday accused a prosecutor employed by the Chinese government of traveling to the United States to direct a harassment campaign aimed at bullying Chinese residents to return home to face criminal charges.

U.S. Moves to Drop Cases Against Chinese Researchers Accused of Hiding Military Ties (2021-07-24)
(New York Times, By Katie Benner) The Justice Department moved this week to drop cases that it brought last year against five visiting researchers accused of hiding their ties to China’s military, prompting questions about the department’s efforts to combat Chinese national security threats.

The Crackdown in China Is a Hot Mess, and It’s Coming for Us (2021-07-20)
(New York Times, By Kara Swisher) First of all, it means a continued forking of the internet. This is not good for the forward march of innovation anywhere as countries create the versions of digital that best suit them. It also means a race between China and the United States over whose digital infrastructure will be deployed, a contest already taking place over fast 5G mobile technology.

Biden Has Angered China, and Beijing Is Pushing Back (2021-07-20)
(New York Times, By Steven Lee Myers and Amy Qin) In Beijing’s view, Mr. Biden has taken a more strategic approach than his predecessor, enlisting allies to join his campaign against Chinese behavior in ways that appear to have frustrated officials. China has resorted to its usual instinct for tit-for-tat measures, while lashing out with a heavy dose of vitriol and sarcasm.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Domestic Politics
4 Journalists at Shut Hong Kong Paper Charged with Collusion (2021-07-21)
(Associated Press, By Zen Soo) Hong Kong police charged two top editors and two editorial writers at Apple Daily with collusion weeks after the city’s largest pro-democracy newspaper was forced to cease publication and its assets were frozen.

China’s Xi Visits Tibet Amid Rising Controls Over Religion
(Associated Press) Chinese leader Xi Jinping has made a rare visit to Tibet as authorities tighten controls over the Himalayan region’s traditional Buddhist culture, accompanied by an accelerated drive for economic development and modernized infrastructure.

China's Foreign Relations 
Lithuania Leads Way in Standing Up to China (2021-07-19)
(The Times, By Edward Lucas) Finding European countries with a serious foreign policy is depressingly difficult. Rest of the EU has a lot to learn from Vilnius, which is unafraid to take on Beijing or Moscow.

China Rejects WHO Call for More Transparency on Origins Probe (2021-07-20)
(The Diplomat, By Shannon Tiezzi) China’s Foreign Ministry bluntly rejected the WHO’s call for China to be more cooperative with investigations into COVID-19’s origins.
Military Balance
China Conducts Naval Exercise in East China Sea (2021-07-18)
(Taiwan News, By Kelvin Chen) The China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) on Saturday (July 17) said that the People’s Liberation Army Navy will begin conducting a six-day drill that will last until July 21.

Asian Countries Stockpile Powerful New Missiles (2021-07-21)
(Taipei Times/Reuters, By Josh Smith) Asia is sliding into a dangerous arms race as smaller nations that once stayed on the sidelines build arsenals of advanced long-range missiles, following in the footsteps of powerhouses China and the US, analysts say.

Chinese Military Plane Enters Taiwan’s ADIZ (2021-07-23)
(Taiwan News, By Eric Chang) A Chinese military plane entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Thursday afternoon (July 22), marking the 11th intrusion this month.

China’s Air Incursions Into Taiwan’s ADIZ Focus on ‘Anti-Access’ and Maritime Deterrence (2021-07-20)
(The Diplomat, By Olli Pekka Suorsa and Adrian Ang U-Jin) China’s intentions are likely directed against outside interference — and not at Taiwan specifically.
Regional Issues
Japan, US, South Korea Reaffirm Cooperation on North Korea (2021-07-21)
(Associated Press, By Mari Yamaguchi) The United States, Japan and South Korea on Wednesday reaffirmed their commitment to work together on North Korea’s denuclearization and other regional threats but made no progress in bringing closer together the two U.S. allies.

Philippine Coast Guard Challenges Chinese Warship in South China Sea
(Radio Free Asia) The Philippine Coast Guard said Monday it had challenged a Chinese warship that entered the country’s territorial waters in the South China Sea last week but eventually sailed away.

Indonesia’s Delicate Dance Between China and the US (2021-07-21)
(The Diplomat, By Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat) Southeast Asia’s largest country should seek complementary improvements in its relations with the two major world powers.

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