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Cross-Strait Relations
Ministry Tightens Rules on China Exchanges (2021-07-12)
(Taipei Times, By Chien Hui-ju) The Ministry of the Interior on Friday tightened regulations on civic groups that plan to invite Chinese professionals to Taiwan, citing legal and security concerns.
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
New AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk Assumes Post (2021-07-15)
(CNA, By Chung Yu-chen and Emerson Lim) The new American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director, Sandra Oudkirk, officially assumed her post Thursday, the de facto United States embassy in Taiwan announced that day.

Top Taiwanese Officials Attend US Tech Summit (2021-07-15)
(Taipei Times, By Lin Chia-nan) The US National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence on Tuesday hosted the first Global Emerging Technology Summit, attended virtually by Minister Without Portfolio Audrey Tang (唐鳳) and physically by Representative to the US Hsiao Bi-khim (蕭美琴).

U.S. House Committee Passes EAGLE Act that Includes Pro-Taiwan Bills (2021-07-16)
(CNA, By Stacy Hsu and Ko Lin) A United States congressional committee on Thursday passed the Ensuring American Global Leadership and Engagement (EAGLE) Act, a legislative package that includes several bills aimed at bolstering the diplomatic, security and economic ties with Taiwan.

The Road Ahead for Taiwan-US Relations (2021-07-17)
(The Diplomat, By Melissa Conley Tyler) Increased U.S. support has raised hopes in Taiwan – and some of those expectations may be difficult for Washington to meet.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Foreign Relations 
Japan to Provide Millions More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses to Taiwan, Asian Neighbours (2021-07-13)
(Channel News Asia) Japan will make additional donations of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan and other Asian neighbours this week, Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said on Tuesday (Jul 13).

Taiwan, UK Cohost Online Energy Dialogue (2021-07-14)
(Taipei Times with CNA) The British Office Taipei and the Bureau of Energy cohosted the third UK-Taiwan Energy Dialogue online to discuss carbon reduction and offshore wind power cooperation, the office said on Friday last week.

Taiwan, Germany Sign Air Transport Agreement
(CNA, By Yu Hsiao-han, Chung Yu-chen, and Emerson Lim) Taiwan and Germany signed an air transport agreement on Thursday, allowing more weekly passenger and cargo flights between the two countries, according to Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC).

US Representatives Warn of Beijing Meddling in Haiti (2021-07-16)
(Taipei Times with CNA) Two US representatives on Wednesday urged the US Department of State to be wary of Chinese meddling in Haiti following the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moise last week. They also highlighted the importance of Haiti’s ties to Taiwan in the letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Haiti is one of Taiwan’s 15 diplomatic allies.

Deputy Economy Minister to Lead Slovakia Delegation to Taiwan in September (2021-07-17)
(Taiwan News, By Sophia Yang) A high-level delegation from Slovakia is expected to visit Taiwan in September, signifying warming ties between the two states, following the announcement of a donation of 10,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to Taiwan earlier this week.

INTERVIEW/Germany Strives for Balancing Act in Relations with Taiwan, China: Envoy (2021-07-11)
(CNA, By Chung Yu-chen and Emerson Lim) Germany's representative to Taiwan Thomas Prinz, who is nearing the end of his tenure, said recently that his country has been trying to maintain a balance between its ties with Taiwan and its economic links with China.

France's Top Envoy Talks about Taiwan in National Day Interview
(CNA, By Chung Yu-chen and Emerson Lim) The perception of Taiwan in France keeps improving due to the shared values of the two countries and Taiwan's capable management of COVID-19, according to the top French envoy in Taipei in an interview with CNA on the eve of France's national day.

A Missing Link in the Quad: India’s Support for Taiwan (2021-07-16)
(The Diplomat, By Sana Hashmi) While most like-minded countries have voiced their support for Taiwan, India has steered clear of issuing any statement.
U.S.-China Relations
US Cites China, Myanmar, Ethiopia in Genocide Report (2021-07-12)
(Associated Press, By Matthew Lee) The Biden administration on Monday renewed genocide allegations against China for repression of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in its northwest Xinjiang region. It also warned Eritrea, Ethiopia, Myanmar and South Sudan of possible further sanctions for ethnic cleansing in conflicts they are involved in.

US Ban on All Products from China’s Xinjiang Nears as Senate Passes Forced Labour Bill (2021-07-15)
(SCMP/Reuters) The US Senate passed legislation on Wednesday to ban the import of products from China’s Xinjiang region, the latest effort in Washington to punish Beijing for what officials say is an ongoing genocide against Uygurs and other Muslim groups.

US Warns Companies About Doing Business in Hong Kong (2021-07-17)
(Associated Press, By Matthew Lee) The Biden administration issued a blanket warning Friday to U.S. firms about the risks of doing business in Hong Kong as China continues to clamp down on political and economic freedoms in the territory.

US Sanctions on China will Continue but Beijing ‘Unlikely to Escalate’ Amid Decoupling Fears (2021-07-12)
(SCMP, By Cissy Zhou) China is prepared for more sanctions after the US added 23 Chinese entities to its export blacklist last week, but Beijing will be cautious in responding given its reluctance to encourage full-scale technology decoupling, Chinese experts and government advisers say.

China Criticized the Afghan War. Now It Worries About the Withdrawal (2021-07-15)
(New York Times, By Steven Lee Myers) The Chinese government rarely passes up a chance to accuse the United States of military adventurism and hegemony. In the case of Afghanistan, though, it has changed its tone, warning that Washington now bears the responsibility for the hasty end to its two-decade war there.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Foreign Relations 
Leaders of North Korea, China Vow to Strengthen Ties (2021-07-11)
(Associated Press, By Hyung-Jin Kim) The North Korean and Chinese leaders expressed their desire Sunday to further strengthen their ties as they exchanged messages marking the 60th anniversary of their countries’ defense treaty.

WHO Proposes Fresh Coronavirus Mission to China and Lab Audits (2021-07-16)
(Reuters, By Stephanie Nebehay) The World Health Organization on Friday proposed a second phase of studies into the origins of the coronavirus in China, including audits of laboratories and markets in Wuhan, calling for transparency from authorities.

Blast That Killed Chinese Workers in Pakistan Was a Terrorist Attack, Officials Say (2021-07-16)
(New York Times, By Salman Masood and Steven Lee Myers) The explosion that killed nine Chinese workers and four others near a hydroelectric project in Pakistan on Wednesday was a terrorist attack, not an accident as officials in Pakistan initially suggested, according to a statement by the Chinese government and a top Pakistan official close to the investigation.

Poll: China’s Influence Is Not Inevitable (2021-07-15)
(Foreign Policy, By Samantha Custer, Rodney Knight, Amber Hutchinson, Vera Choo) A new survey shows Beijing’s foreign aid footprint has grown, but it falls short in other areas.
Military Balance
Japan Calls for ‘Sense of Crisis’ Over China-Taiwan Tensions (2021-07-13)
(New York Times, By Ben Dooley) In unusually blunt terms, Japan on Tuesday warned that military posturing by Beijing and Washington over Taiwan was posing a threat to its security. 

Two Chinese Military Planes Enter Taiwan’s ADIZ (2021-07-13)
(Taiwan News, By Eric Chang) Two Chinese military aircraft flew into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Monday (July 13), marking the sixth intrusion this month.

Chinese Spy Ship and US Destroyer Seen Near Taiwan (2021-07-15)
(Taipei Times/CNA) A Chinese spy ship and a US Navy destroyer were early yesterday detected in the waters off eastern Taiwan, a military source said.

Chinese Military Plane Enters Taiwan’s ADIZ (2021-07-15)
(Taiwan News, By Eric Chang) A Chinese military plane entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Wednesday afternoon (July 14), marking the eighth such intrusion this month.

Taiwan's Army Conducts Live-Fire Drill to Test Combat Readiness (2021-07-17)
(CNA, By Chung Yu-chen and Ko Lin) Taiwan's Army has recently carried out a live-fire artillery drill at a training ground in Pingtung County to demonstrate the combat readiness and firepower of the armed forces.
Regional Issues
Biden Backs Trump Rejection of China’s South China Sea Claim (2021-07-11)
(Associated Press, By Matthew Lee) The Biden administration on Sunday upheld a Trump-era rejection of nearly all of China’s significant maritime claims in the South China Sea. The administration also warned China that any attack on the Philippines in the flashpoint region would draw a U.S. response under a mutual defense treaty.

China Says It Chased US Warship Out of Disputed Waters
(Taipei Times/Associated Press) Chinese forces “warned them and drove them away,” the military said on its social media account. The US Navy, in a statement by the 7th Fleet Public Affairs office, rejected the Chinese statement as false, but gave no details of a possible encounter with Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces.

US Focuses on Myanmar, South China Sea at Special ASEAN Meeting (2021-07-15)
(The Diplomat, By Sebastian Strangio) In many ways, the meeting offered a representative glimpse into where interests between the U.S. and its ASEAN partners converge, and where they part ways. While the U.S. has rhetorically framed its struggle with China as a binary opposition of virtuous American leadership and sinister Chinese revisionism, and expects much of the world to view things the same way, Southeast Asian nations are generally more pragmatic and situational in their relations with the two superpowers.

Indian, Chinese Foreign Ministers Discuss Border Standoff (2021-07-14)
(Associated Press, By Ashok Sharma) The foreign ministers of India and China met in Tajikistan on Wednesday with New Delhi stressing that a military standoff along a mountainous border area was profoundly disturbing their ties, and warning that any unilateral change in the status quo by Beijing was unacceptable.

Could the United States Still Lead the World if It Wanted to? (2021-07-15)
(Foreign Policy, By Stephen M. Walt) The answer is yes—but more depressing than you think.

Will the United States and Europe Break Up Over China? (2021-07-14)
(Foreign Policy, By Michael Hirsh) Biden and Merkel will make all the right noises at their meeting this week. But deep transatlantic tensions persist.

NATO Shouldn’t Try to Do Too Much on China (2021-07-16)
(The Diplomat, By Henrik Larsen) Allied leaders at the NATO Summit in Brussels in June began to lay the ground for adapting to the great power competition with China. To that end, they tasked NATO to develop a new strategic concept to be endorsed at the summit next year in Spain. The next concept will be authoritative for alliance strategy until 2030. However, NATO must be clear about the role it can play in adapting to its new challenger from the east.

Ardern’s Foreign Policy Address Was Pro-US, But Not Necessarily Anti-China (2021-07-15)
(The Diplomat, By Geoffrey Miller) New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern delivered a keynote speech on foreign policy on Wednesday.

China Knows the Power of 5G. Why Doesn’t the U.S.? (2021-07-17)
(Foreign Policy, By Rumana Ahmed and Moira Whelan) New infrastructure technology will tip the scales in favor of authoritarianism or democracy worldwide.

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