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M. Taylor Fravel, Active Defense: China's Military Strategy Since 1949 (Princeton University Press) (Podcast Discussion)  
Cross-Strait Relations
Was Taiwan Ever Really a Part of China? (2021-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Evan Dawley) John Cena’s apology is a good opportunity to look back at the historical reality of Taiwan’s status and identity over the last 200 years.
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
US Senators Visit Taiwan, in Trip That May Irk China (2021-06-06)
(DW) A team of bipartisan US senators has arrived in Taiwan, and is expected to meet President Tsai Ing-wen later. The US will give 750,000 doses of COVID vaccines to the island, they said.

China Says U.S. Senators Visiting Taiwan on Military Plane a 'Vile Provocation'
(Reuters) China's Defence Ministry on Tuesday denounced a brief weekend visit by three U.S. senators to Chinese-claimed Taiwan on a U.S. military aircraft as a "vile political provocation" that was irresponsible and dangerous.

Blinken Signals Possible Resumption of U.S.-Taiwan Trade, Investment Talks
(Reuters, By David Brunnstrom) U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday signaled a possible resumption of trade and investment talks with Taiwan stalled since the Obama administration, but gave no indication of any willingness to pursue a full-scale trade pact Taipei has been seeking.

U.S., Taiwan Commit to Restarting Trade Talks in Coming Weeks (2021-06-10)
(CNA, By Chiang Chin-yeh and Emerson Lim) The United States and Taiwan have committed to restarting talks under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) mechanism in coming weeks, the Office of the United States Trade Representative said on Thursday.

Guam Office in Taiwan Renamed to Reflect Broader Interests (2021-06-07)
(CNA, By Flor Wang and Yu Hsiao-han) Guam's office in Taiwan announced Monday that it will change its name to the Guam Taiwan Office (GTO) to support the expansion of the island's relationship with Taiwan beyond tourism.

Taiwan Seizes Imported U.S. Beef Shipment for Excess Ractopamine (2021-06-08)
(CNA, By Chiang Hui-chun and Matthew Mazzetta) A shipment of beef imported from the United States was recently seized at Taiwan's border after it was found to contain excess levels of the controversial feed additive ractopamine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Tuesday.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics
Taiwan’s Governmental Overconfidence Keeps Creating Crises (2021-06-11)
(Foreign Policy, By Hilton Yip) An energy shortage threatens critical semiconductor supply lines as COVID-19 surges.

Taiwan Says AstraZeneca COVID Shot Production Talks Fell Through (2021-06-10)
(Reuters) Taiwan discussed with AstraZeneca Plc (AZN.L) producing its COVID-19 vaccine but the talks fell through as the government felt it could not produce the 300 million shots the company requested, Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said on Thursday.

Taiwan's Foreign Relations 
Taiwan Receives Vaccine Donation From Japan as Outbreak Continues (2021-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Nick Aspinwall) Taiwan’s rush to vaccinate its population has led to political bickering over the potential use of domestically produced COVID-19 inoculations.

Japan Says Ties With Taiwan Are Only Unofficial (2021-06-11)
(Associated Press, By Mari Yamaguchi) Japan’s relations with Taiwan are nongovernmental and practical and are based on Tokyo’s recognition of China as the sole legitimate government, a top Japanese official said Friday, following Beijing’s protest over a recent reference to the island as a country.
U.S.-China Relations
Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Bill to Bolster Competitiveness With China (2021-06-08)
(New York Times, By Catie Edmondson) The wide margin of support reflected a sense of urgency among lawmakers in both parties about shoring up the technological and industrial capacity of the United States to counter Beijing.

China, US Resume Talks on Trade Ties (2021-06-11)
(Taipei Times/Bloomberg) Commerce ministers from China and the US agreed to push forward trade and investment links in their first call since US President Joe Biden took office.

China, US Diplomats Clash over Human Rights, Pandemic Origin (2021-06-12)
(Associated Press) Top U.S. and Chinese diplomats appear to have had another sharply worded exchange, with Beijing saying it told the U.S. to cease interfering in its internal affairs and accusing Washington of politicizing the search for the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Legislation Might Backfire on U.S.-China Relations (2021-06-11)
(Foreign Policy, By Bryce C. Barros and Jennifer Gurev) Beijing doesn’t understand local governments are independent of Washington.

‘Stronger’ Bets the United States Can Outlast China (2021-06-11)
(Foreign Policy, By Nina Palmer) When it comes to the mutual relationship, Beijing gets a vote.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Domestic Politics
The Real Reason Behind China’s Three-Child Policy (2021-06-07)
(New York Times, By Wang Feng and Yong Cai) Even when the government eases rules about procreation, it is only confirming that such rules exist — and that they are the party’s to dictate. This, too, is population control, and population control is a foundation of any surveillance state. The Chinese Communist Party simply cannot give that up.

Beijing Plans a Slow Genocide in Xinjiang
(Foreign Policy, By Adrian Zenz and Erin Rosenberg) Chinese officials’ own words speak to plans to reduce Uyghur births.

Beijing’s Tried-and-Tested Plan to Hollow out Hong Kong’s Legislature (2021-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Simon Shen) The PRC has a long history of remaking institutions, but keeping up the language and appearance of the past.

China's Foreign Relations 
China’s Leader Wants a ‘Lovable’ Country. That Doesn’t Mean He’s Making Nice (2021-06-08)
(New York Times, By Steven Lee Myers and Keith Bradsher) In an analysis of Mr. Xi’s remarks, David Bandurski, the director of the China Media Project, wrote, “In such a struggle, there are friends in the form of compliant media and apologists, and there are enemies in the form of recalcitrant journalists, academics and politicians who insist on criticism — exactly what this external push is designed to neutralize.”

China to Set Up Special Group to Enforce Anti-Sanctions Law
(SCMP, By Amber Wang and Sarah Zheng) China will establish a leading group to coordinate and enforce anti-sanctions measures in response to Western pressure over human rights, technology and trade, under a law passed on Thursday by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee.

China’s Diplomacy Is Limiting Its Own Ambitions
(Foreign Policy, By Ali Wyne and Ryan Hass) Beijing’s self-imposed problems make it a less threatening challenger than it seems.

China’s Tech Companies Are Going Global – and Remaking China’s Image in the Process (2021-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Laura Grunberg) Chinese start-ups are no longer content to focus on the domestic audience, but are targeting global reach from day one.
Military Balance
How Chinese Unmanned Platforms Could Degrade Taiwan’s Air Defense and Disable a US Navy Carrier (2021-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Franz-Stefan Gady) A fictional war scenario showcases how emerging technological capabilities could be used in a future Sino-U.S. military confrontation over Taiwan.
Regional Issues
Biden Aims to Bolster U.S. Alliances in Europe, but Challenges Loom (2021-06-09)
(New York Times, By Michael D. Shear and David E. Sanger) The good will President Biden brings on his first trip abroad papers over lingering doubts about U.S. reliability and the cost that Europe will be expected to pay.

Biden Urges G-7 Leaders to Call out and Compete with China (2021-06-12)
(NPR/ Associated Press) Leaders of the world's largest economies unveiled an infrastructure plan Saturday for the developing world to compete with China's global initiatives, but they were searching for a consensus on how to forcefully to call out Beijing over human rights abuses.

Biden Tries to Rally G7 Nations to Counter China’s Influence (2021-06-12)
(New York Times, By David E. Sanger and Mark Landler) President Biden urged European nations and Japan on Saturday to counter China’s growing economic and security influence by offering developing nations hundreds of billions in financing as an alternative to relying on Beijing for new roads, railways, ports and communications networks.

America May Be ‘Back’ in Europe, but How Much Has Really Changed? (2021-06-11)
(New York Times, By Mark Landler) The trans-Atlantic partnership has always been less reciprocal than its champions like to pretend — a marriage in which one partner, the United States, carried the nuclear umbrella. Now, with China replacing the Soviet Union as America’s archrival, the two sides are less united than they were during the Cold War, a geopolitical shift that lays bare longstanding stresses between them.

The Modern China-Russia-US Triangle (2021-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Vu Le Thai Hoang and Huy Nguyen) Why we can’t expect a stable “two vs one” dynamic this time around.

ASEAN and China Ministers Talk COVID-19, Myanmar Crisis (2021-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Sebastian Strangio) The special meeting in Chongqing underscored the region’s increasing economic and political reliance on China.

Indonesia Bolsters Navy as China Steps Up Incursions Around ASEAN (2021-06-11)
(Nikkei Asia, By Shotaro Tani) Indonesia's Defense Ministry has ordered eight frigates from Fincantieri, Italy's largest shipbuilder. The deal, announced on Thursday by the Italian company, comes amid heightened tensions in the region with China stepping up incursions into Southeast Asian airspace and waters, and less than a week before defense ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations hold their annual meeting.

Cambodia Limits US Diplomat’s Scrutiny of Controversial Base (2021-06-11)
(Associated Press, By Sopheng Cheang) Efforts by Cambodia to assuage U.S. concerns about China’s right to use a naval base on the Gulf of Thailand suffered a setback Friday when an American diplomat invited to inspect it was allowed only limited access, according to the U.S. Embassy.

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