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Cross-Strait Relations
Experts Urge Taiwan to Prepare for War of Attrition with China (2020-10-04)
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Joseph Yeh) Two local military experts recently called on Taiwan's armed forces to be prepared for a war of attrition with China, following an increase in Chinese military maneuvers near Taiwan in recent months with the aim of wearing down the nation's military. <Accessed 2020-10-04>

Taiwan Military Sends Over 4,000 Warplane Sorties on Patrol This Year
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Joseph Yeh) Taiwan's armed forces have deployed more than 4,000 sorties of military aircraft so far this year to conduct patrol missions, a 20 percent increase compared with the same period of last year. <Accessed 2020-10-05

Taiwan’s Refugee Policy Offers Little Help to Hongkongers (2020-10-07)
(East Asia Forum, By Kevin Ting-chen Sun) Reforms to its refugee laws and amendments to the current legal framework will be the first true steps in bringing the world to Taiwan and fulfilling its wish to earn praise and recognition from the international community. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

MND Confirms U.S., Chinese Military Aircraft Activity Around Taiwan (2020-10-08)
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Joseph Yeh) A U.S. MC-130J military aircraft flew along the median line of the Taiwan Strait that separates China and Taiwan Thursday, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) confirmed that same day. <Accessed 2020-10-08>

Chinese Military Planes Enter Taiwan's ADIZ on Eve of National Day (2020-10-09)
(CNA, By Chen Yun-yu and Emerson Lim) Two Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Friday, a day before the country marks its Double Ten National Day. <Accessed 2020-10-10>

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen Calls for ‘Meaningful’ Dialogue with Mainland China (2020-10-10)
(South China Morning Post, By Lawrence Chung) Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen called on Saturday for “meaningful dialogue” with mainland China as long as it was willing to resolve antagonisms and improve cross-strait relations. <Accessed 2020-10-14>
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
 US Ties Unlikely to Change after Election: Source (2020-10-04)
(Taipei Times, By Lee Hsin-fang) Taiwan-US ties would not change significantly after the US presidential election next month, a source familiar with the matter said yesterday. <Accessed 2020-10-04>

Taiwan Prepares a Weapons Shopping List to Hand US at Defence Conference (2020-10-05)
(South China Morning Post, By Lawrence Chung) Officials and military experts from Taiwan and the United States will meet via video conference to discuss which weapons would be best for the island’s self-defence as tensions escalate between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

Vice Defense Minister Urges U.S. Arms Sales Amid Rising China Threat (2020-10-06)
(CNA, By Matt Yu, Wang Cheng-chung and Joseph Yeh) Vice Defense Minister Chang Guan-chung (張冠群) on Monday urged the United States to continue providing Taiwan with weapons to meet its defense needs, in light of a growing military threat from China. <Accessed 2020-10-06>

Taiwan to Continue with 'Cautious Balance' in U.S. Relations: Envoy (2020-10-07)
(CNA, By Ozzy Yin, Yeh Su-ping, and Chiang Yi-ching) Taiwan's top envoy to the United States said on Tuesday that Taiwan will continue its cautious and balanced approach to Taiwan-U.S. relations, after Taiwan's Legislature passed earlier that day a resolution in support of "actively pursuing" formal diplomatic relations between the two countries. <Accessed 2020-10-10>

Taiwan’s Bigger Military Budget Must Go Further to Fend Off Mainland China, Says US Defence Official (2020-10-07)
(South China Morning Post, By Lawrence Chung) A senior US defence official has suggested that Taiwan’s efforts to raise its military budget are not enough to fend off Beijing’s military threat. <Accessed 2020-10-14>
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics

Taiwan’s Economic Challenges beyond COVID-19 (2020-10-09)
(East Asia Forum, By Min-Hua Chiang) Apart from the lingering impact of the global pandemic, Taiwan’s economy is also challenged by the uncertainty of US–China relations. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

Taiwan's Foreign Relations

For Taiwan, Diplomatic Green Shoots are Emerging in Europe (2020-10-05)
(Brookings, By Ryan Hass) One of Taiwan’s greatest opportunities to strengthen its standing may be in Europe. <Accessed 2020-10-06>

Tsai Makes Pitch for Taiwan to Join CPTPP at Forum with Ex-World Leaders (2020-10-08)
(CNA, By Lee Hsin-Yin) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on Thursday reiterated Taiwan's desire to be included in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and sign bilateral trade agreements with regional countries, during a virtual forum attended by former world leaders. <Accessed 2020-10-08>

Taiwan, Indian Think Tanks Sign Cooperation Deal (2020-10-09)
(Taipei Times, By Lu Yi-hsuan and Jake Chung) The Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF) and India’s National Maritime Foundation (NMF) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding at the Yushan Forum to deepen Taiwan-India cooperation in maritime affairs and regional development. <Accessed 2020-10-10>

Bavarian State Parliamentarians Form Group to Promote Ties with Taiwan (2020-10-09)
(CNA, By Lin Yu-li and Elizabeth Hsu) A Taiwan-friendly group was established in the Bavarian State Parliament of Germany on Thursday with the aim of promoting closer links with Taiwan. <Accessed 2020-10-10>

Tsai Aims for Deals to Safeguard Region (2020-10-09)
(Taipei Times, By Lu Yi-hsuan and Jake Chung) To advance prosperity, peace and stability, Taiwan hopes to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and sign economic cooperation agreements with regional partners, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said yesterday, as she opened the Yushan Forum in Taipei. <Accessed 2020-10-10>
U.S.-China Relations
China Ramps Up a War of Words, Warning the U.S. of Its Red Lines (2020-10-05)
(New York Times, By Steven Lee Myers) As the United States and Taiwan draw closer, state propaganda is sending the message that China will go to war if necessary. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

Top China Critic Becomes Its Defender
(New York Times, By Ana Swanson) Robert E. Lighthizer, President Trump’s trade negotiator, has cautioned against actions that could anger Beijing in an attempt to preserve the U.S.-China trade deal. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

Kissinger Says U.S., China Must Cease Escalating Threats, Or 'We Will Slide into a Situation Similar to World War I'
(Market Watch, By Chris Matthews) Kissinger argued that the nature of the technologies and industries of the future make the current U.S.-China conflict a particularly dangerous one, because it’s possible that technologies like artificial intelligence lend themselves to zero-sum thinking and winner-take-all outcomes. <Accessed 2020-10-10> 
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Mainland China

The CCP’s New Directives for United Front Work in Private Enterprises (2020-09-28)
(Jamestown Foundation, By John Dotson) These developments signal clear intent by the CCP to bring China’s growing private sector industries under tighter party-state supervision. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

Understanding the Intersection of the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s Supply-Side Structural Reform (2020-09-28)
(Jamestown Foundation, By Jon (Yuan) Jiang) This article argues that the BRI should be understood as a major component of China’s program of “supply-side structural reform” (供给侧结构性改革, gongjice jiegouxing gaige). <Accessed 2020-10-14>

PacNet #55 – Will Covid-19 Cost China its ‘World’s Factory’ Title? (2020-10-06)
(Pacific Forum, By Amrita Jash) Thanks to Covid-19, China’s position as the world’s factory has become vulnerable; a predicament shielded somewhat by the need to discover suitable alternatives. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

China’s Leaders Face Challenge of Drawing Up a Five-year Plan for An Uncertain World
(South China Morning Post, By Jun Mai) Against that backdrop, Beijing will roll out a new five-year plan for 2021-25 at a key party conclave set to run from October 26-29, just a week before the presidential election in the US. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

China's Foreign Relations

Unfavorable Views of China Reach Historic Highs in Many Countries (2020-10-06)
(Pew Research Center, By Laura Silver, Kat Devlin, and Christine Huang) Views of China have grown more negative in recent years across many advanced economies, and unfavorable opinion has soared over the past year, a new 14-country Pew Research Center survey shows. <Accessed 2020-10-08>

China Brazenly Issues Taiwan Guidelines for Indian Media (2020-10-08)
(The Diplomat, By Abhijnan Rej) The Chinese Embassy’s diktat left many in India wondering what China seeks to achieve through it. <Accessed 2020-10-08>

China’s Two-Pronged Response to the Quad (2020-10-08)
(The Diplomat, By Shannon Tiezzi) Beijing has been circumspect in its criticisms overall, but doesn’t hold fire when it comes to attacking the U.S. secretary of state specifically. <Accessed 2020-10-08>
Territorial Disputes, the Korean Peninsula, and Other Regional Issues
Territorial Disputes

China-US Relations: PLA Slams ‘Provocative Action’ as US Warship Sails through South China Sea (2020-10-10)
(South China Morning Post, By Mandy Zuo) China has demanded the United States stop its “provocative actions” in the South China Sea after an American warship was spotted close to the disputed Paracel Islands on Friday. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

The Korean Peninsula

North Korean Diplomat, Missing Since 2018, Is in Seoul, Lawmaker Says (2020-10-06)
(New York Times, By Choe Sang-Hun) Jo Song-gil was the North’s acting ambassador to Rome when he vanished, raising the possibility that he had become the highest-ranking official to defect to the South since 1997. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

US Presidential Elections 2020: The Future of the ROK-US Alliance (2020-10-08)
(The Diplomat, By Jihoon Yu, Jiyoon Kim, and Erik French) The upcoming U.S. presidential election will have significant consequences for the trajectory of South Korea-U.S. relations. <Accessed 2020-10-08>

North Korea Unveils What Appears to Be New ICBM During Military Parade
(New York Times, By Choe Sang-Hun) North Korea displayed what appeared to be its largest-ever intercontinental ballistic missile during a nighttime military parade in Pyongyang on Saturday, but it was not immediately clear if the missile would work or was for show. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

Short-term Nuclear Stability on the Korean Peninsula (2020-10-10)
(East Asia Forum, By Liang Tuang Nah) Three of the more salient reasons for Pyongyang’s restraint are the effectiveness of sanctions, societal and political realities in the North and the preservation of bargaining prospects. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

Other Regional Issues

ASEAN Stress-tested by Big Power Rivalry (2020-10-05)
(East Asia Forum, By the Editorial Board) But can ASEAN and its regional frameworks continue to remain resilient enough in dealings with the two big regional powers as they have increasingly begun to cast themselves as strategic competitors? <Accessed 2020-10-14>

Cambodia Denies New Speculation About Chinese Base Plans
(Associated Press, By Sopheng Cheang) Cambodia’s government on Monday officially denied suggestions that its demolition of a U.S.-funded facility at one of its naval bases is a signal that China will be granted basing privileges there, saying the work only involves planned infrastructure improvements. <Accessed 2020-10-05>

Pompeo’s Message in Japan: Countering China Is Worth Meeting Face to Face (2020-10-06)
(New York Times, By Motoko Rich) The American diplomat’s willingness to meet with allies in Asia, despite the crisis embroiling the White House, speaks to fears of China’s rise. <Accessed 2020-10-14>

US, Australia, India, Japan to Discuss China’s Growing Power (2020-10-08)
(The Diplomat, By Mari Yamaguchi) It will be the first in-person talks among the four foreign ministers since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. <Accessed 2020-10-08>

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