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China's Leadership Succession
In China, New Premier Says He Seeks a Just Society (2013-03-18)
(New York Times, By Andrew Jacobs) Li Keqiang, in his first comments as China’s prime minister, laid out a vision of a more equitable society in which environmental protection trumps unbridled growth and government officials put the people’s welfare before their own financial interests. 

"China Dream"-Unshaken Party Rule (2013-03-20)
(YaleGlobal, By Borje Ljunggren) Xi wants to continue economic reforms that would make China a respected, unquestioned global leader, but within the framework of the one party-state. 

U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
Xi, Lew Have Frank First Meeting (2013-03-19)
(Wall Street Journal, By Damian Paletta) In a symbolic but significant meeting for both leaders, new China President Xi Jinping and U.S. Treasury Department Secretary Jacob Lew acknowledged they wouldn't be able to settle all diplomatic differences but said each country should continue to seek progress where possible.

Chinese Leader in Russia to Promote Economic and Military Ties (2013-03-22)
(New York Times, By David M. Herszenhorn and Chris Buckley) President Xi Jinping of China arrived at Moscow for his first trip abroad as his country’s top leader, using the visit to underline growing economic and military cooperation with Russia while the United States has been shoring up ties with its own allies across the Asia-Pacific region.

China's Xi Visits Russia to Underline Goodwill (2013-03-22)
 (Project Syndicate, By Sergei Karaganov) Unease in the bilateral Sino-Russian relationship persists, partly for historical reasons, but the new Chinese president and his Russian counterpart will set out to emphasize a newfound warmth between the countries.

China's Leader Argues for Cooperation with Russia (2013-03-24)
(New York Times, By David M. Herszenhorn and Chris Buckley) President Xi Jinping of China made a case for closer economic and foreign policy cooperation with Russia as they pursue dreams of “national revival” and seek to offset the influence of the developed West.

China's PLA to Participate in US-Hosted Naval Drill (2013-03-24)
(Taipei Times) PLA has accepted an invitation to participate for the first time in a major US-hosted naval drill, but legal restrictions will limit its role to less sensitive exercises, like disaster relief, US officials say.

American Withdrawal and Global Disorder (2013-03-19)
(Wall Street Journal, By Eliot Cohen) The current administration has chosen to reduce, limit or underfund those commitments, and the results—which we may begin to see before President Obama's term ends—will be dangerous.
Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
Japan Warms to Taiwan, Isolates China, in Territorial Sea Dispute (2013-03-22)
 (LA Times, By Ralph Jennings) Without conceding anything on history or territory, Japan is showing Taiwan a little leg on fishing to play it off the mainland China, and to maintain its reasonably good relations with Taiwan.
Cross-Strait Issues
Zhang Zhijun to Lead China's Taiwan Office (2013-03-18)
(China Post) China's Wang Yi has confirmed that Zhang Zhijun is the new director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, the Beijing-based bureau that manages dealings with the Taiwan government.

MAC Chief Leaves Door Open to Visit by Counterpart (2013-03-21)
(China Post) MAC chief Wang Yu-chi said that if the director of China's Taiwan Affairs Office were to visit the island, he would address him by the formal title of “director” and would likewise prefer to be addressed as “minister”; otherwise, a meeting might as well not take place at all. 

Cross-Strait Political Talks May Require 'Common' Touch: Chinese Official (2013-03-23)
(China Post) Cross-strait political dialogue could start at the level of the common person as both sides tackle the thorny political problems between them, China's top Taiwan policymaker said.

Jiang Clarifies '1992 Consensus' Position (2013-03-23)
(Taipei Times) Premier Jiang Yi-huah took issue with a former high-ranking Chinese official who said that recognition of the so-called “1992 consensus” would eventually lead to unification between Taiwan and China.

Perng Says Taiwan Striving to Sign China Currency-Swap Deal (2013-03-19)
(China Post) Taiwan's central bank governor Perng Fai-nan said that the bank is working to sign a currency-swap agreement with China as soon as possible and will strive to keep the currency swap line at not less than 300 billion yuan (US$48.27 billion).

Military Balance
Ministry Rebuts Stanton (2013-03-20)
(AP) Former AIT director William Stanton’s recent comment that Taiwan’s declining military budgets have left it vulnerable to Chinese attack and made it easier for Chinese spies to penetrate its armed forces were “not entirely objective,” the Ministry of National Defense said. 

NSB Monitoring China Missile Deployment (2013-03-21)
(China Post) Taiwan is closely monitoring the latest deployment of China's DF-16 missiles, the nation's top intelligence chief said.

China Hacking Now Bigger Threat: Expert (2013-03-21)
(Taipei Times) The nation’s top security officials warned lawmakers that cyberattacks from China were now targeting high-tech and financial data as well as military secrets.
Taiwan's Foreign Relations
Be Open to Trade Pacts: AmCham (2013-03-22)
(China Post) A U.S. Chamber of Commerce official said the Taiwanese government should have strong political will and leadership, and prepare for the political challenge of pushing through free trade measures.

TIFA Making Progress: US Official (2013-03-22)
(CNA) Trade and Investment Framework Agreement talks between the United States and Taiwan are showing good progress, but there is still a lot of work ahead, a visiting U.S. trade official said. 

'Anchor' Taiwan in Global Trade: Royce (2013-03-22)
(Taipei Times) US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce said that the US should fundamentally restructure its involvement in the Asia-Pacific region and “firmly anchor” Taiwan into the global trading system. 

Taiwan Seeks Support for Its ICAO Participation Bid
(Taipei Times) Taiwan is aiming to participate in an assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization which is to start in September, Minister of Foreign Affairs David Lin said.

Taiwan Gets Barred from Jakarta Defense Summit (2013-03-22)
(Taipei Times) A Taiwanese delegation was forced to withdraw from the third Jakarta International Defense Dialogue without being given an explanation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs deputy said.

MOFA Blames China for Blocking JIDD Delegation (2013-03-23)
(Taipei Times) MOFA officials admitted the forced withdrawal of a Taiwanese delegation from a regional security forum in Indonesia this week was the result of China’s intervention. 

China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Vice Premier Urges Reduction in State Control of China's Economy (2013-03-24)
(Reuters) Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli called for sweeping economic changes, including a reduction in state control, as China’s economy struggled with surplus production capacity and risks to the financial system. 

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