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China's Leadership Succession
Xi Flexes Muscles, Chooses Reformist As Vice President (2013-03-13)
(Reuters) A reformist member of China’s decisionmaking politburo, Li Yuanchao, is set to become vice president this week instead of a more senior and conservative official best known for keeping the media in check, sources said.

For Xi, a "China Dream" of Military Power (2013-03-13)
(Wall Street Journal, By Jeremy Page) Many diplomats, party insiders and analysts believe Mr. Xi is casting himself as a strong military leader at home and embracing a more hawkish worldview long outlined by generals who think the U.S. is in decline and China will become the dominant military power in Asia by midcentury.

PLA Deputies Offer Clarification of Military Intentions (2013-03-15)
(China Brief 13(6), Jamestown Foundation, By Peter Mattis) The military’s 268 NPC deputies offered some welcome, if still modest, clarifications on key Western concerns about Chinese military modernization and recent press statements that have raised alarm in foreign media. The most important message, however, is that Xi has done nothing to suggest a departure from his predecessors’ military modernization policies. 

China's New Leader Takes Full Power in Delicate Balancing Act (2013-03-15)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) China’s new Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping, completed his formal transition to power, assuming the presidency during a parliamentary meeting that has sent signals that his government will try to be more responsive to an impatient public while defending the party’s top-down control. 

China's New Prime Minister Faces Test in Bolstering Economy (2013-03-16)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) China’s new prime minister, Li Keqiang, entered the job inheriting a wobbling economy that could distract his government from its bold vows to clean up pollution and harness expanding towns and cities as an engine for growth. 

China Names New Team to Secure Its Place in Asia and Face U.S. Competition (2013-03-17)
(New York Times, By Jane Perlez) China’s new foreign policy team includes officials whose records suggest the government will concentrate on consolidating what it considers the country’s rightful place at the center of Asia, even as the Obama administration says it will deploy more military power in the region.

China Wraps Up Transfer of Power (2013-03-17)
(AP) China's new leader Xi Jinping pledged a cleaner, more efficient government as the country's ceremonial legislature wrapped up a pivotal session that installed the latest generation of communist leaders in a once-a-decade transfer of power.
Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
Official in Tokyo for Fishery Meeting (2013-03-13)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan and Japan are holding a preparatory meeting for a new round of bilateral fishery talks in Tokyo today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

No Agreement on Fishery Talks (2013-03-14)
(Taipei Times) The second meeting in preparation for a new round of bilateral talks between Taiwan and Japan on fishing rights off the Diaoyutai Islands ended with differences of opinion unresolved, press releases said.

Japan Responds Positive to Fishing Grounds Request (2013-03-15)
(Taipei Times) Japan has responded positively to a request by Taiwan that the fishing grounds in disputed waters off the Diaoyutai Islands be expanded, but how to delineate the area remained to be discussed, Minister of Foreign Affairs David Lin said.

U.S. Must Adopt Law of the Sea (2013-03-13)
(YaleGlobal, By Ziad Haider) More than 160 other nations have signed on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and the US already adheres to the treaty’s terms. To have standing in maritime disputes and urge adherence to rules by others, the United States must also adopt the rules.
Cybersecurity, U.S. Policy and Sino-U.S. Engagement
U.S. Demands China Block Cyberattacks and Agree to Rules (2013-03-12)
(New York Times, By Mark Landler and David E. Sanger) The White House demanded Monday that the Chinese government stop the widespread theft of data from American computer networks and agree to “acceptable norms of behavior in cyberspace.” 

Security Chief Says U.S. Would Retaliate against Cyberattacks (2013-03-13)
(New York Times, By Mark Mazzetti and David E. Sanger) The chief of the military’s newly created Cyber Command told Congress that he is establishing 13 teams of programmers and computer experts who could carry out offensive cyberattacks on foreign nations if the United States were hit with a major attack on its own networks.

Obama Raises Cybersecurity in Call to China's Xi (2013-03-14)
(Wall Street Journal, By Siobhan Gorman) President Barack Obama in a congratulatory phone call to new Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the issue of cybersecurity, a sign of the increasing focus on the matter in relations between the two countries.

Taiwan Could Spark Nuclear War: Report (2013-03-16)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Taiwan is the most likely potential crisis that could trigger a nuclear war between China and the US, a new academic report concludes.
Cross-Strait Issues
ARATS, TAO to Get New Heads: Report (2013-03-12)
(Taipei Times) Chinese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhang Zhijun is tipped to become the next director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, and Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming is likely to head the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, the Hong Kong Commercial Daily said. 

Taiwan Increasingly Leaning toward China: Stanton (2013-03-16)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan is increasingly leaning toward China, former AIT director William Stanton said, and the “status quo,” as perceived by Taiwanese, was “problematic” and “an illusion.” 
PLA and Military Balance
Mainland China Military Buildup Targets Taiwan: Ministry of National Defense (2013-03-13)
(China Post) China has continued to grow its military strength with part of that development concerning military units with a focus on Taiwan, according to a MND-released Quadrennial Defense Review.

MND Confirms Plan to Study Submarine Feasibility (2013-03-13)
(CNA) The Ministry of National Defense has launched efforts to study the feasibility of building indigenous submarines, according to a statement released.

No US Pressure on Locally Made Missiles: MND Chief (2013-03-14)
(China Post) Defense Minister Kao Hua-chu denied that pressure from the United States is the main reason for the delay of a domestically manufactured missile project. 

MND Declines Confirmation of Medium-Range Missiles (2013-03-17)
(CNA) The Ministry of National Defense declined to confirm whether Taiwan has successfully developed a medium-range missile and said that the former defense minister who claimed knowledge of such a weapon should be more conscious of national security. 

Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Tough Talk in Taiwan on Media Deals (2013-03-12)
(Reuters) Regulators in Taiwan, under pressure from a public worried that Beijing may meddle in their media, have begun talking tough on television and newspaper deals by businessmen based in Taiwan with strong ties to mainland China.

Taiwan Economy: Near-term Uptick, Longer-term Challenges (2013-03-11)
(Brookings, By Don Shapiro) Besides the energy challenge, the new cabinet of Premier Jiang Yi-huah, who took office last month, will have to overcome resistance from various quarters to seek to push through some needed reforms. 

Ma Should Aim for TPP: Trade Group (2013-03-13)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan should seek membership in the Trans-Pacific Partnership now, instead of Ma’s stated goal of eight years, the US-Taiwan Business Council said.

Taiwan and US Wrap Up Trade Talks
(Taipei Times) Marantis said the US recognized Taiwan has a strong interest in signing a free-trade agreement with the US and joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

US Congress Holds Welcome Party for King (2013-03-15)
(Taipei Times) A total of 48 Congress members — 13 senators and 35 representatives — attended the party to greet King and his wife.

President to Attend Pope's Inauguration (2013-03-16)
(Taipei Times) President Ma Ying-jeou and first lady Chow Mei-ching will lead an official delegation to attend Pope Francis’ inauguration Mass in Rome, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Yuan Flows a More Freely as China Relaxes Controls (2013-03-11)
(Wall Street Journal, By Fiona Law) The yuan has surpassed the Russian ruble and Danish krone to become the world's 13th most-used currency for international payments. 
Regional Issues
South Korea Flirts with Nuclear Ideas as North Blusters (2013-03-11)
(New York Times, By Martin Fackler and Choe Sang-Hun) A new sense of vulnerability is causing some influential South Koreans to break a decades-old taboo by openly calling for the South to develop its own nuclear arsenal.

An Interview with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (2013-03-16)
(Washington Post, By Lally Weymouth) Prime Minister Lee spoke in Singapore with Washington Post senior associate editor Lally Weymouth about regional tensions, China's rise and Obama's pivot. 

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