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China's Leadership Succession
New Chinese Leader Shores Up Military Support (2013-03-04)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) On the eve of the National People’s Congress, the chief of China’s Communist Party, Xi Jinping, is emphasizing his role as a champion of the military, using the armed forces to cement his political authority and present a tough stance in growing territorial disputes in the Pacific region.

China’s Wen Warns of Inequality and Vows to Continue Military Buildup (2013-03-05)
(New York Times) Prime Minister Wen Jiabao of China entered his final days in power with a warning that the nation remained troubled by divisions between the urban rich and rural poor and unbalanced economic growth, and he vowed that the government would continue building up its military, which received a 10.7 percent increase in spending for 2013.

China to Shake Up Foreign-Policy Team (2013-03-10)
(Wall Street Journal, By Brian Spegele and Jeremy Page) China is expected to promote Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi to a position overseeing the country's diffuse foreign-policy apparatus this week, part of a major shake-up of its diplomatic leadership at a time of rising military tensions with Japan and uncertainty over the direction of ties with the U.S.
Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
No US Pressure on Diaoyutais Fishing: MOFA Chief (2013-03-05)
(China Post) The United States has not been pressuring Taiwan and has not asked the nation to halt fishing operations in waters near the disputed Diaoyutai Islands in the East China Sea over the past few weeks, Foreign Minister David Lin said.

Taiwan, Japan Working on Fishing Talks (2013-03-06)
(CNA) Taiwan and Japan are still negotiating the details of their next preparatory meeting for a new round of bilateral fishery talks, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs official reiterated. 
Sino-U.S. Engagement
As Hacking against U.S. Rises, Experts Try to Pin Down Motive (2013-03-04)
(New York Times, By Nicole Perlroth, David E. Sanger and Michael S. Schmidt) Company officials and American intelligence agencies grappled with motives for a cyberattack, which could range from industrial spying to disabling the power grid.

Gray Matter (2013-03-08)
(Foreign Policy, By Joel Brenner) If we're waiting until China decides to "play fair," we're in for a long wait. China won't play fair with us any more than Western powers played fair with China when we carved it up into concessions in the 19th century and imposed Western law on Chinese territory. This is realpolitik. 
Cross-Strait Issues
China’s New Leader to Continue Current Taiwan Policy: Ma (2013-03-08)
(CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou said that China will continue its current policy toward Taiwan under its new leadership, and that it is more important to broaden the existing ties than moving toward building a political relationship. 

China’s Wen May Visit: HK Report (2013-03-09)
(China Post) Wen Jiabao, premier of mainland China, may visit Taiwan in the near future, a Hong Kong report yesterday quoted Zheng Lizhong, deputy director of the mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office, as saying.

Taipei, Beijing to Ink Services Trade Pact: China Minister (2013-03-09)
(CNA) Taiwan and China will soon sign an agreement on trade in services because talks on opening doors to each other's services sector are nearly finished, China's minister of commerce said.

Chinese Set to be Allowed to Work in Taiwanese Firms (2013-03-10)
(Taipei Times) Chinese professionals will be allowed to work in Taiwanese-owned multinational corporations for up to three years as early as the end of this month, Minister Without Portfolio Schive Chi said. 
PLA and Military Balance
Expert Explains US’ Ambiguity Policy (2013-03-04)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) “Beijing still holds the goal of ultimate reunification [with Taiwan] and not only might different circumstances in Taiwan change the cross-strait climate, [but] a different political climate on the mainland might cause a rethinking of the current patience,” Alan Romberg said.

Taiwan Can Become Asset for US by Boosting Own Defense, Analysts Say (2013-03-08)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Taiwan could be a major strategic asset to the US, but first it must boost its defenses, a Washington conference has been told.

Military Receives New E-2K Early Warning Aircraft (2013-03-10)
(China Post) Two upgraded E-2K airborne early warning aircraft which were sent to United States for upgrading were transported to Kaohsiung International Airport Station in southern Taiwan for follow-up tests and inspections.  
Taiwan's Foreign Relations
USTR Outlines Concern Over Pork Import Laws (2013-03-04)
(CNA) A trade report released by the United States days before bilateral trade talks begin with Taiwan outlines U.S. concerns over Taiwanese regulations and how they might affect U.S. pork exports to the island.

Deputy Trade Representative to Arrive from US Tuesday (2013-03-06)
(China Post) United States Deputy Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis will lead an interagency delegation to Taiwan next Tuesday for the upcoming U.S.-Taiwan Trade and Investment Framework Agreement talks, the AIT said.

TIFA Talks Rescheduled to Sunday Due to Altered Travel Itinerary: AIT (2013-03-09)
(China Post) The opening date for the Taiwan-United States Trade and Investment Framework Agreement talks has been rescheduled to Sunday to meet the U.S. delegation's travel plans, the AIT said.

Thinking Strategically about FTAs (2013-03-10)
(Taipei Times, By Eric Chiou) Launching FTA negotiations represents a strategic move to offer an olive branch to a feasible partner politically and economically.

Singapore Troops to Join Taiwan Drills: Document (2013-03-05)
(Taipei Times) A document released by the navy revealed that Singaporean troops stationed in Taiwan are set to join Taiwanese soldiers in a joint military exercise, a local newspaper reported. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
China Promises Flexibility on Renminbi (2013-03-07)
(Reuters) China will press ahead with currency overhauls to allow more flexibility in the renminbi’s exchange rate, while maintaining a relatively steady value, a senior central bank official said.

Agency Move Hints at Shift in China's One-Child Policy (2013-03-10)
(Wall Street Journal, By Laurie Burkitt) China plans to strip power from the agency that oversees its one-child policy, in a move observers said could mean the eventual phaseout of the much criticized population-control effort.  
Regional Issues
U.N. Resolution to Aim at North Korean Banks and Diplomats (2013-03-06)
(New York Times) The United States and China introduced a resolution that would target North Korean bankers and overseas cash couriers, tighten inspections of suspect ship and air cargo, and subject the country’s diplomats to invasive scrutiny and increased risk of expulsion.

China Says It Won't Forsake North Korea, Despite Support for U.N. Sanctions
(New York Times, By Jane Perlez) China’s foreign minister said that Beijing would not abandon North Korea, reiterating China’s longstanding position that dialogue, not sanctions, is the best way to persuade the North to abandon its nuclear weapons. 

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