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Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
Who Has Abe’s Back? (2013-02-24)
(Wall Street Journal) One disappointment was the tepid U.S. public statements on the Senkakus. Mr. Obama failed to mention the islands in his joint public appearance with Mr. Abe, perhaps for fear of offending China.

Abe Vow to Protect Japan’s Territorial Claims (2013-02-28)
(Wall Street Journal, By Toko Sekiguchi and George Nihiyama) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe returned his focus to defense and diplomacy, barely touching on the economic-stimulus policies that have dominated the early weeks of his term, during a second major policy speech to parliament.

Time for China and Japan to Cool It (2013-02-27)
(YaleGlobal, By James J. Przystup and Philip C. Saunders) Once political traction has been reestablished, it may be possible to deal with the islands in a manner that befits their actual insignificance. For now, de-escalation is the better part of valor and of national interest. 

US, Japan Must Understand China (2013-03-02)
(Project Syndicate, By John Lee) China’s assertiveness over its sovereignty claim reflects more than a desire to exploit seabed resources, or to gain a widened strategic gateway into the western Pacific. It is also about national renewal and rejuvenation — the core of the Chinese Communist Party’s raison d’etre.

Ma’s Peace Initiative the Only Actual Attempt to Solve Islet Row: Armitage (2013-02-27)
(CNA) The East China Sea Peace Initiative proposed by President Ma Ying-jeou is “the only real attempt” to solve the dispute over the Diaoyutai Islands, Richard Armitage said, adding that he expects the proposal to receive more attention if tension rises further in the region.

Isle Group Works for China: Source (2013-03-03)
(Taipei Times) A tip to security agencies said the WCADDI had received money from China to give the impression of cross-strait cooperation on the Diaoyutais. 
U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
While America Slept (2013-02-26)
(Foreign Policy, By Kishore Mahubani) Why are we seeing an unnatural degree of geopolitical calm between the world's greatest power and the world's greatest emerging power?

Two Key Foreign Policy Openings for Obama
(New York Times, By Ian Bremmer and David Gordon) The two most important tools now at Obama’ disposal are the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership and the opportunity to expand the export of America’s newly abundant supply of liquefied natural gas.

Building Toward a Stable and Cooperative Long-term US-China Strategic Relationship (2013-02-27)
(PacNet #14, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Lewis A. Dunn, Ralph Cossa, and Li Hong) The relationship between the United States and Chin will decisively shape the 21st century world. Of the many aspects of this relationship, one of the most important is the strategic relationship. 

Train Chinese, US Officer Says (2013-03-02)
(Taipei Times) US Admiral Timothy Keating said a way should be found to accept Taiwanese as well as Chinese at US military academies, to improve communications.

Lien-Xi Meeting and Cross-Strait Issues
Lien Chan Embarks on China Visit (2013-02-25)
(Taipei Times) Former KMT chairman Lien Chan said he was going to China to promote engagement across the Taiwan Strait.

China’s Xi Pledges Peaceful Ties with Taiwan in Meeting (2013-02-26)
(Taipei Times) Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping pledged peaceful ties during a meeting with a delegation of Taiwanese political and business leaders, suggesting that China’s policy toward Taiwan will not shift dramatically when he becomes president.

Lien’s Cross-Strait Formula Erases Taiwan: DPP (2013-02-26)
(China Post) Taiwan's major opposition party bristled yesterday at the cross-strait formula Lien Chan posed to Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing.

Talk on Cross-Strait Politics Necessary: Lien (2013-02-27)
(Taipei Time) Negotiations on political issues are unavoidable in the future if cross-strait relations are to continue developing, former KMT chairman Lien Chan said.

Top Officials Further Distance Government from Lien (2013-03-02)
(Taipei Times) Premier Jiang Yi-huan and Mainland Affairs Council Minister Wang Yu-chi further distanced the government from former KMT chairman Lien Chan over a controversial statement delivered on his recent trip to China.

Wu Lauds Lien’s Cross-Strait Relation Contributions (2013-03-02)
(Taipei Times) Amid bickering between the Presidential Office and former KMT chairman Lien Chan’s office about Lien’s “one-China” comments, Vice President Wu Den-yih defended Lien’s contribution to cross-strait relations.

Survey Uncovers Chinese Students’ View on Taiwan (2013-03-03)
(Taipei Times) Half of Chinese students studying in Taiwan have given a nod to Taiwan’s democratic system and would be willing to live in the country for a long time, according to a recent survey. 

ARATS Calls for Two-Way Cross-Strait Media Outlets (2013-03-03)
(CNA) A visiting senior executive of China's ARATS voiced hope that media outlets from the two sides of the Taiwan Strait can open representative offices in each other's territories as soon as possible.
PLA and Military Balance
A New Cold War, in Cyberpace, Tests U.S. Ties to China (2013-02-25)
(New York Time, By David E. Danger) The worsening cyber-cold war between the world’s two largest economies differs from the more familiar superpower conflicts of past decades — in some ways less dangerous, in others more complex and pernicious.

PRC Stealth Frigate Poses Threat to Taiwan: US Expert (2013-02-28)
(Taipei Times) A US military expert is warning that China’s new class of stealth missile frigates could pose a direct threat to Taiwan. 

Retired General Indicted Over Alleged Spying for China (2013-03-01)
(China Post) A retired general was indicted for allegedly passing data on local elections and Chinese dissident in Taiwan to Beijing via a former Taiwanese intelligence officer, local media reported.

Taiwan Must Work on Self-Defense, Conference Hears (2013-03-02)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) US President Barack Obama’s pivot to Asia may bolster Taiwan’s security, but the nation must do more to defend itself, a Washington conference was told this week.  
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
TISR Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey (2013-02-26)
(TISR) According to the latest survey (in Chinese), 18.8% of respondents were satisfied with President Ma Ying-jeou’s performance, while 68.0% not.

Opinion Poll Finds Most People Opposed to Nuclear Power and US Pork Imports (2013-02-27)
(Taipei Times) Most people oppose the construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant and the importation of US pork containing ractopamine, a public opinion poll (in Chinese) found.

MOFA Stay Mum on Delegation’s Trip to South Korea
(Taipei Times) MOFA provided scant details about the attendance of a Taiwanese delegation at South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s inauguration in Seoul, even after the delegation made an appearance at the ceremony.

MOFA Congratulates New US Defense Chief (2013-02-28)
(China Post) MOFA conveyed Taiwan's congratulations to Chuck Hagel after the United States Senate voted to confirm him as the next U.S. defense secretary. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Why There Will Be No New Bretton Woods (2013-02-26)
(Wall Street Journal, By Benn Steil) China is, unlike the U.S. in the 1940s, in no position to orchestrate a Bretton Woods-type refashioning of the global monetary architecture. The U.S. today is hardly the supplicant, war-torn Britain of the '40s.

Chinese Intellectuals Urge Ratifying Rights Treaty (2013-02-27)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) The petition was the latest display of the demands for political change confronting China’s new leadership. Several people who signed it said they hoped to press Mr. Xi and his colleagues to live up to vows of greater respect for the rule of law and citizens’ rights.

Cheng Li: High Expectations for China’s National People’s Congress (2013-03-01)
(China Real Time Report, By Tom Orlik) China’s top leaders will gather in Beijing for the highlight of the annual political calendar – the National People’s Congress. This year’s event will be especially important as it installs Xi Jinping as President, and provides clues as to the policy direction for China’s new leadership.  

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