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Abe Visited Washington and Diaoyutai Disputes
Obama Likely to Tell Abe ‘Cool It’ (2013-02-19)
(China Daily, By Dennis V. Hicky) Abe will be politely urged to tone down his rhetoric and open negotiations to settle Japan’s territorial dispute with China in a flexible and balanced way. 

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Chinese Need for Conflict Is ‘Deeply Ingrained’ (2013-02-21)
(Washington Post, By Chico Harlan) China has a “deeply ingrained” need to spar with Japan and other Asian neighbors over territory, because the ruling Communist Party uses the disputes to maintain strong domestic support, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in an interview. Transcript

Japan and United States Reaffirm Their Close Ties (2013-02-23)
(New York Time, By Jackie Calmes) President Obama and Japan’s new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, met at the White House on Friday to show that their countries were putting relations back on solid footing after several years of friction.

Abe Gets Mixed Results on U.S. Visit (2013-02-24)
(Wall Street Journal, By Yuka Hayashi) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe got through his first diplomacy test with a modest passing grade, claiming some progress on economic policy during his brief U.S. visit last week, but falling a bit short in meeting his goals on national security. 

Taiwan Demands Brief on Diaoyutais (2013-02-23)
(Taipei Time) Taiwan demands that the US brief the nation on the summit between US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe regarding the Diaoyutai Islands.

No Basis for Cross-Strait Action on Diaoyutais: MOFA (2013-02-20)
(Taipei Times) China’s derecognition of the Sino-Japanese Treaty has left no basis for the ROC to team up with Beijing in defense of sovereignty over the Diaoyutai Islands, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Chinese Buoys are Focus of Latest Dispute Over Contested Islands (2013-02-23)
(New York Times) Japan has asked the Chinese government to explain why Chinese ships have strategically placed several buoys in the East China Sea near a group of disputed islands, a Japanese government spokesman said.

China Keeps Peace at Sea (2013-02-21)
(Foreign Affairs, By Allen Carlon) Chinese officials see that even the most pronounced military victory would be outweighed by the collateral damage that such a use of force would cause to Beijing's two most fundamental national interests -- economic growth and preventing the escalation of radical nationalist sentiment at home. 

6 Ways to Prevent Conflict between Tokyo and Beijing (2013-02-23)
(The Diplomat, By Daryl Morini) There are many reasons why China and Japan won’t go to war. Now is the time to explore how to actively prevent it.

South China Sea Disputes
China Rejects U.N. Arbitration of Maritime Dispute (2013-02-20)
(AP) China said that it had rejected the Philippines’ attempt to seek international arbitration over conflicting claims to territory in the South China Sea.

The United States Head to the South China Sea (2013-02-21)
(Foreign Affair, By Michael T. Klare) Regardless of whether it was Obama's intention when he pivoted to the Pacific, he has surely increased the chances that rash and potentially incendiary behavior by any one of the countries hashing it out in the South and East China seas could lead to war. 
U.S. Policy and Sino-U.S. Engagement
US Alliances in Asia: Doing More with Less (2013-02-20)
(PacNet #12, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Carl Baker and Brad Glosserman) The US and its five allies remain committed to their military partnerships and rely on them to create the peace and stability that has been the foundation of regional prosperity. 

New Leader of China Plans a Visit to Moscow
(New York Time, By Jane Perlez) Tensions between China and the United States have grown lately over a variety of issues. Those strains mean there are hazards in delaying a face-to-face meeting for very long. 
Cross-Strait Issues
Lien Chan to Meet Xi Jinping on Monday (2013-02-22)
(China Pot) Former Vice President Lien Chan meets with China Communist Party leader Xi Jinping next Monday, for talks likely to set the tone for upcoming cross-strait interaction. 

Ma Touts ‘Peace Dividends’ with Mainland at New Year’s Event
(CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou touted the peace dividends stemming from China — benefits resulting from peace across the Taiwan Strait — at a social gathering of Taiwanese businessmen working in China. 
PLA and Military Balance
Chinese Army Unit Is Seen As Tied to Hacking against U.S. (2013-02-19)
(New York Times, By David E. Sanger, David Barboza and Nicle Perlroth) On the outskirts of Shanghai, in a run-down neighborhood dominated by a 12-story white office tower, sits a People’s Liberation Army base for China’s growing corps of cyberwarriors.

China Says Army Is Not Behind Attacks in Report (2013-02-21)
(New York Times) A day after a U.S. security company accused a People’s Liberation Army unit in Shanghai of engaging in cyberwarfare against American corporations, organizations and government agencies, China’s defense ministry issued a strong denial and insisted that the report was flawed.

U.S., China Ties Tested in Cyberspace (2013-02-19)
(Wall Street Journal, By Julian E. Barnes, Siobhan Gorman and Jeremy Page) Ties between China and the U.S., strained by military rivalries and maritime disputes, may face an even greater test from the newest front in global conflict: cyberspace.

Taiwan, US to Cooperate on Cybersecurity (2013-02-23)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan has stepped up cybersecurity cooperation with the US and intends to take part in planned cybersecurity exercises, a senior Taiwanese official stationed in Washington said.

The Cool War (2013-02-20)
(Foreign Policy, By David Rothkopf) The purpose of the Cold War was to gain an advantage come the next hot war or, possibly, to forestall it. The purpose of Cool War is to be able to strike out constantly without triggering hot war while also making hot wars less desirable or even necessary. 
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Taiwan’s New Cabinet Takes Office (2013-02-18)
(Channel News Asia) Taiwan’s new cabinet took office amid high expectations. It’s hoped the new team will shore up President Ma Ying Jeou’s record low popularity.

TIFA Talks to Resume on March 11: Envoy
(CNA) U.S. Deputy Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis will lead a delegation to attend the new round of trade discussions under TIFA to begin March 11 in Taipei, King Pu-tsung announced. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Beijing’s Steady Progress toward Rebalancing (2013-02-18)
(Wall Street Journal, By Eswar Prasad) Recent data suggest a gradual but remarkable transformation in China's growth model. It is far too early to declare victory, however, and the new leadership has its work cut out for itself. 

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