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Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
Japan Says China Aimed Military Radar at Ship (2013-02-06)
(New York Times) Japan lodged a formal protest with the Chinese government after it said a Chinese warship directed a radar used to aim missiles at a Japanese warship, in a new escalation of a standoff over disputed islands.

China Accuses Japan of Smear Campaign (2013-02-07)
(VOA) China has accused Japan of trying to "smear" Beijing's image, after Tokyo alleged a Chinese warship locked its weapons-targeting radar on a Japanese vessel near disputed islands.

Taiwan’s Diaoyutais Moves Worry US: DPP (2013-02-05)
(China Post) In a closed-door meeting with the major opposition party, the AIT questioned the attitude and practices with which President Ma Ying-jeou has handled the Diaoyutais dispute, according to a DPP lawmaker who spoke on condition of anonymity. 

Schriver Says ‘Constructive’ Role Needed in Diaoyutais (2013-02-10)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Randy Schriver said that Taiwan’s good communications with all of the participants could be a “huge asset.” He added that President Ma Ying-jeou’s East China Sea peace plan needed to be taken more seriously. 

Lu Proposes Initiative for Diaoyutais
(Taipei Times) Former vice president Annette Lu proposed an initiative to demilitarize the disputed Diaoyutai Islands and turn them into a protected marine zone.

DPP Slams Beijing Over Japan Comments (2013-02-07)
(Taipei Times) The DPP rejected Beijing’s criticism of the party’s “flattery of Japan” over the Diaoyutai Islands dispute, saying that China’s provocative moves in the region are what should be condemned.

South China Sea Disputes
US Report Tout South China Sea Riches (2013-02-09)
(Taipei Times) The undersea reserves of oil and natural gas in disputed areas are far higher than previously estimated, a US report said, and could prove to be even higher.
Cross-Strait Issues
China Organizations to Work Together: Minister (2013-02-07)
(Taipei Times) MAC officials will be dispatched to the SEF offices in China, as the two organizations work together to strengthen cross-strait development, MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi said. 

Value of Exchanges with China Might Decline: Former AIT Chief (2013-02-08)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) The returns on cross-strait economic exchanges may be diminishing because the Chinese economic model is changing, former chairman of the American Institute in Taiwan Richard Bush said. 
Military Balance and Arms Sales
Taiwan Deploys US-Manufactured Billion-Dollar Early Warning Radar (2013-02-04)
(AFP) Analysts say the system — which could be accessed by the United States with Taiwan's approval — highlights Taipei's position as a strategic ally of Washington despite a lack of diplomatic ties. 

Taiwan Must Be Alert to PRC Threat: Senator (2013-02-10)
(Taipei Times) A US senator is warning Taiwan to “wake up” and realize that as the threat from China grows, so grows the nation’s vulnerability.

MND Confirms Admiral Quizzed Over Espionage (2013-02-05)
(Taipei Times) The MND confirmed that an admiral has been questioned over his alleged involvement in what could be one of the nation’s most serious espionage cases.

Army Officer Transferred As Espionage Probe Spreads (2013-02-06)
(CNA) The MND that an Army officer has been transferred after one of his relatives was found to have been allegedly involved in an espionage case. 
Taiwan's Foreign Relations
Surprise Envoy Protects Taiwan’s “Shield” of Ambiguity (2013-02-04)
(AFP) In an interview with AFP, King Pu-Tsung highlighted the importance of the "strategic ambiguity" that the island of 23 million people maintains with its neighbor, on one side, and protector, on the other.

King Pans News Agency Report’s ‘Abridged’ Points (2013-02-06)
(Taipei Times) Representative to the US King Pu-tsung said that many of the points he made in an interview with AFP in New York late last month were “abridged” and that his office would ask the wire service to make the necessary corrections.

ROC, US Ink New Pact on Immunity (2013-02-06)
(Taipei Times) The agreement brings the level of legal protection for Taiwanese diplomats to an extent “very similar to” that the US grants to diplomats from countries with which Washington has diplomatic relations, the MOFA said.

Kerry Commits to Taiwan’s Defense (2013-02-10)
Supplying Taiwan with adequate defense is in line with the Taiwan Relations Act and the US’ ‘one China’ policy, the new US state secretary said.

Ex-US Official Raises Prospect of Pork Talk (2013-02-10)
(China Post) Discussions on U.S. pork imports will be inevitable during upcoming talks under TIFA, a former U.S. NSC official said.

Su in Japan in First Trip As DPP Leader
(Taipei Times) The DPP chairman, accompanied by 30-strong delegation, is to meet Japanese lawmakers and academics during his trip to promote bilateral relations. 

Visiting Su Touts Closer Ties with Japan (2013-02-05)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan-Japan relations could be strengthened to promote regional stability because both countries share the values of democracy, freedom and human rights, DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang said in Tokyo.

Taiwan ‘Should be a Part of Security’ (2013-02-06)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan should not be excluded from the security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region, former Japanese defense minister and LDP Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba reportedly told DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang during a meeting. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Westward Ho! (2013-02-07)
(Foreign Policy, By Yun Sun) As the United States pivots out of the Middle East and Afghanistan and into East Asia, Beijing is debating a pivot of its own: a grand strategic proposal to shift its attention from East Asia and rebalance its geographical priority westward to Central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. 

Reformers Aim to Get China to Live Up to Own Constitution (2013-02-04)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong and Jonathan Ansfield) In a drive to persuade the Communist Party’s new leaders to liberalize the authoritarian political system, prominent Chinese intellectuals and publications are urging the party simply to enforce the principles of their own Constitution.

China Issues Proposal to Narrow Income Gap (2013-02-06)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) The Chinese government issued a long-awaited plan to narrow the gulf between rich and poor, offering broad vows to lift the incomes of workers and farmers and choke off corrupt wealth but few specific goals to rein in the nation’s wide inequality.

Beijing Plan Signals Reform to Come Quick (2013-02-06)
(Wall Street Journal, By Bob Davis and Tom Orlik) China's plan to narrow the gap between rich and poor—and the fact that it came out at all—is feeding the sentiment China's new leaders might seek to take on powerful interests quickly rather than laboriously try to reach a broad consensus first. 

ICBC Picked As Yuan-Clearing Bank in Singapore (2013-02-08)
(Wall Street Journal) A potential expansion of yuan trading into other countries could help Beijing advance its goal of turning the Chinese currency into one that can be used for cross-border trade and investment, challenging the U.S. dollar's traditional role. 

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