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Cross-Strait Relations
PacNet #26 - China’s Taiwan Dilemma: Beijing Must Rethink Its Ideas Of Nation, State and Sovereignty (2017-03-28)
(CSIS, By Muthiah Alagappa) It is commonly argued that Taiwan faces a China dilemma. Posited as the weaker party, Taiwan, it is asserted, confronts a dilemma when dealing with mainland China, which has the upper hand in the relationship. The conventional wisdom is wrong: increasingly it will be China and not Taiwan that will face a dilemma.

China Says It Has Detained Rights Activist From Taiwan (2017-03-29)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley and Chris Horton) The detention adds to signs of an intensified clampdown on outsiders working with China’s beleaguered rights lawyers and groups.

Lee Ming-che Held on Suspicion of "Endangering National Security": China (2017-03-29)
(China Post, By the news staff) The human rights activist who had disappeared after attempting to enter the PRC has been confirmed to have been detained by Chinese authorities on suspicion of endangering national security. His wife stated that Chinese authorities informed her that her husband was in custody and was in good physical condition. Lee Ming-che, a prominent human rights activist, had been detained after entering Zhuhai in the PRC through Macau SAR.

Lee's Detention Has Chilling Effect on Students Abroad (2017-03-31)
(Taipei Times, By Nadia Tsao and Jonathan Chin) Following human rights activist Lee Ming-che's detention upon his attempted entry into the PRC, Taiwanese students abroad express fears about talking about democracy. Discussions regarding Chinese criminal justice laws, especially on free speech, are common. Fears that Beijing may arbitrarily arrest Taiwanese students if they were to travel to the PRC are high.

Cabinet Wants Answers on Lee's Case (2017-03-31)
(Taipei Times, By Alison Hsiao and Lu Yi-hsuan) Beijing has not yet revealed what laws were broken by human rights activist Lee Ming-che, who has been detained since his attempted entrance into the People's Republic of China. The Taiwanese Cabinet has reached out to Beijing about arranging for Lee's family and lawyer to visit him.

Free Speech Still Faces Threats: Minister (2017-04-03)
(Taipei Times, By Chen Yu-fu and Jonathan Chin) Minister of the Interior Yeh Jiunn-rong stated that censorship from China is still a major factor contributing to a lack of true freedom of speech in Taiwan. These remarks come preceding Taiwan's first-ever Freedom of Speech Day, which is to occur every year on April 7. However, he did note that Taiwan had made great strides in becoming more of a democratic society in contrast to the past.

Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Over Half of Taiwanese Reject ‘One China’: Survey (2017-03-29)
(Taipei Times, By Chung Li-hua and Jonathan Chin) A new media survey conducted by My Formosa showed that over half of Taiwanese people surveyed do not believe in a "constitutional one China," defined as the belief that the Republic of China rightfully controls the sovereign territory comprised of the island of Taiwan and all of mainland China. Furthermore, only about a quarter of people surveyed support the idea of Beijing's "one China" policy.

Memo From Taiwan: As Power Wanes, Kuomintang Struggles to Hang On in Taiwan
(New York Times, By Chris Horton) The party that once ruled China now looks to stay relevant in Taiwan politics — a situation with implications for Beijing and Washington.

Bangkok Denies ex-VP Entry Again (2017-03-29)
(Taipei Times, By Chang Kai-hsiang and William Hetherington) Former Taiwanese Vice President Annette Lu was denied entry to Thailand for the second time this year. She claimed that Bangkok was bending over to pressure from Beijing The Thai government has not yet offered any explanation as to why Lu was denied entry, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently in discussions with Bangkok regarding the problem.

Be Alert in the Philippines, Says MOFA (2017-03-31)
(China Post, By Joseph Yeh) Following numerous reporting of doping and robbery of Taiwanese visitors to the Philippines, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a warning to Taiwanese travelers to take caution from "over-friendly women." These incidents are not the first reported cases of druggings of travelers in the Philippines. The representative office of Taiwan in the Philippines stated that they had been receiving calls for help following these incidents.

Abe Reaffirms Ties Between Taiwan and Japan (2017-03-31)
(Taipei Times/CNA) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that Taiwan remains an important partner to Japan regarding mutual values and interests. He made these comments during a meeting with a Taiwanese delegation to Japan earlier this month. Both Abe and President Tsai Ing-wen expressed their desires for stronger bilateral relations.

Taiwan’s Search for Security Partners: Looking Beyond Washington
(Jamestown Foundation, By Lauren Dickey) Amid the uncertainties of President Donald Trump’s U.S.-Taiwan policy, Taiwan must avoid an overdependence on the United States by actively diversifying the island’s portfolio of defense partners. Such efforts are particularly important as the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense operationalizes its new “multi-deterrence” strategy

Unpacking Tsai Ing-wen’s New Southbound Policy (2017-04-01)
(The Diplomat, By Bonnie S. Glaser, Matthew P. Funaiole, and Emily Jin) Tsai’s push for new regional partners, called the “New Southbound Policy,” is similar but more strategic than the policies of Lee and Chen. Like its forerunners, Tsai’s policy seeks to lessen the mainland’s dominance of Taiwan’s trade, but it is more comprehensive and emphasizes building an extensive network of cultural and interpersonal relationships throughout the region.

Taiwan and Japan's East China Sea Dispute Back in the Spotlight (2017-04-03)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) Taipei and Tokyo will convene later this year to discuss oceanographic survey rights for Taiwan.

Government Defends Rights After Japan Media Broadside (2017-04-03)
(China Post, By Joseph Yeh) Taiwan defended its right to conduct scientific activities in its Exclusive Economic Zone after Japanese media accused Taiwan of intruding into the Japanese EEZ, regarding scientific activities carried out near a disputed island between the two states. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that Japan and Taiwan were working together to seek progress on their bilateral relations, citing last year's dialogue on maritime affairs.
U.S.-China Relations
China Poised to Take Lead on Climate After Trump’s Move to Undo Policies (2017-03-29)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong) For years, the United States pushed China to commit to limiting its use of fossil fuels. The countries now look likely to switch roles.

China Confirms Details of Trump-Xi Meeting at Mar-a-Lago
(New York Times, By Gerry Mullany) President Xi Jinping of China will visit President Trump at his Florida estate next week for the two leaders’ first summit meeting, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

Statecraft and Grand Strategy: Assessing the US and China
(The Diplomat, By Mercy A. Kuo) Trans-Pacific View author Mercy Kuo regularly engages subject-matter experts, policy practitioners, and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights into the U.S. Asia policy. This conversation with Charles Hill – Brady-Johnson Distinguished Fellow in Grand Strategy, diplomat in residence and lecturer in International Studies at Yale University – is the 85th in “The Trans-Pacific View Insight Series."

News Analysis: Trump Talks Tough on U.S.-China Trade but Delays Real Action (2017-03-31)
(New York Times, By Keith Bradsher) While two new executives orders reflect America’s trade tensions with China, they don’t address the core issues.

Expect a Positive First Trump-Xi Meeting at Mar-a-Lago (2017-04-01)
(The Diplomat, By Dingding Chen) Regardless of the merits of such criticisms, we can expect a positive Xi-Trump summit if Tillerson’s remarks in Beijing to some degree reflected what the Trump administration has been thinking about U.S.-China relations in a global context.

Ex-AIT Chairman Tells Trump Not to Follow China's Lead (2017-03-31)
(Taipei Times, By Alison Hsiao) Richard Bush, currently a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, made a recommendation in a new report for Donald Trump to not state the official US position that Taiwan is a part of China. Ahead of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping's meeting soon, other recommendations of his reflected his desire for peace between the US and China and peace in Taiwan as well as flexibility and patience when discussing cross-strait relations.

China Learns How to Get Trump’s Ear: Through Jared Kushner (2017-04-02)
(New York Times, By Mark Landler) Mr. Kushner’s role reflects the highly personal and bluntly transactional relationship between the United States and China, a risky strategy, experts say.

The US-China Mar-A-Lago Summit: The Culmination of a Trump Negotiating Strategy? (2017-04-03)
(The Diplomat, By Michael D. Swaine) The apparent contradictions in Trump’s China policy can be understood as part of a high-stakes bargaining game.
South China Sea Disputes and Other Regional Issues
China May Have Been Surveying Strategic Waters East of Philippines (2017-03-31)
(The Diplomat, By Steven Stashwick) Benham Rise could be site of submarine operations in a U.S.-China clash.
PLA, Military Balance and Arms Sales
PLA Theater Joint Intelligence: Organization and Operations (2017-03-31)
(Jamestown Foundation, By Kevin McCauley) China’s new theater command structure represents a major advancement in building a streamlined joint command structure. One key remaining bottleneck is intelligence sharing. Accurate and timely intelligence is always a key component of any successful military operation, and especially so for the advanced joint operations the PLA envisions.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China-led AIIB Sees Membership Expansion: What's Next? (2017-03-30)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) 13 new countries were approved as members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank earlier this month.

Maoists for Trump? In China, Fans Admire His Nationalist Views (2017-04-03)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) A group wants to take a page from President Trump’s “America First” script and protect Chinese workers from layoffs and foreign competition.

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