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Cross-Strait Relations
No Independence For Taiwan, HK, Chinese Premier Warns (2017-03-06)
(Taipei Times/AFP and Reuters) China will firmly oppose Taiwanese “separatism,” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said yesterday, following tension with US President Donald Trump over Taiwan, and said that Hong Kong independence moves would “lead nowhere."

Chinese Naval Vessels Sail Through The Taiwan Strait
(Taipei Times/CNA) The Ministry of National Defense (MND) yesterday said that a flotilla of Chinese military vessels had passed through the Taiwan Strait earlier in the day, heading southward along China’s east coast, after conducting a military exercise near the Japanese island of Miyakojima.

Foreign Ministry Report Highlights China Pressure (2017-03-06)
(China Post, By the news staff) The Foreign Minister stated in a report that one of the biggest challenges the Taiwanese face against their international presence is external pressure from the Chinese government. However, the Foreign Ministry stated that they intend to continue to work towards diplomatic solutions for peace and regional stability.

China's 2017 Work Report: Changes on Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Global Order (2017-03-07)
(The Diplomat, By Han Ze) Second, on Taiwan, this was the first time that the “One China Principle” has been mentioned in the work report in the past three years, since Li began giving the addresses. “We will thoroughly implement our major policies on Taiwan and uphold the ‘One China Principle,’” Li said in this year’s government work report.

Visiting China Unlikely, but Not Out of the Question: Ma (2017-03-08)
(Taipei Times/CNA) Former President Ma Ying-jeou stated while on his US tour that he did not have any plans to visit China in the future and stated that Washington's reaffirmation of the "one China" policy was beneficial to all parties involved. He also stated his belief that Hu Jintao was the friendliest towards Taiwan of all recent leaders of China.

Premier Seeks Goodwill After Chinese Warnings on Independence (2017-03-08)
(China Post, By the news staff) Premier Lin Chuan encouraged goodwill within cross-strait relations after Chinese officials issued strong warnings against Taiwan aiming for independence. The Chinese Premier also stated that the PRC would not accept anyone's attempts at separating Taiwan from the government in Beijing.

Transnational Justice Drive Threatens Cross-Strait Peace: KMT Official (2017-03-08)
(China Post, By James Lo) A KMT official has stated that the government's new efforts for transnational justice will lead to poorer relations with Beijing and creating social unrest within Taiwan. These statements come as responses to a potential deterioration with Saint Lucia and the recent Chinese warnings against Taiwanese independence.

China Vs. Taiwan's Academic Freedom (2017-03-11)
(The Diplomat, By Pei-Yu Wei) Since then, five other universities have been confirmed, and almost half of all Taiwanese universities are suspected, to also have signed similar pledges to exclude politically sensitive topics from classes offered to Chinese students.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwanese Fishing Boat Released From Port In Myanmar (2017-03-05)
(Taipei Times/CNA) A fishing boat registered in Pingtung and detained in Myanmar over accusations of illegal fishing was released yesterday. Tsai Jui-hsien, captain of the Shing Chuan Jyi, thanked the government and the ship’s agent for their assistance securing the boat’s release. The boat is scheduled to arrive in Phuket, Thailand, tomorrow.

US State Department Flags Taiwan For Labor Exploitation (2017-03-06)
(China Post, By the news staff) President Tsai Ing-wen's administration vowed to continue improving working conditions, after the U.S. State Department criticized Taiwan over its exploitation of and discrimination against migrant workers.

Invest In Taiwan, President Tsai Urges Taiwanese Businesses In N. America
(China Post, By the news staff) President Tsai Ing-wen called on Taiwanese businesspeople abroad to invest at home, as she received a delegation from the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America on Monday. "Now is the time to invest in Taiwan," Tsai told members of the delegation comprised mainly of Taiwanese businesspeople working in North America. She also hoped they could leverage their influence in the U.S. to speak up for Taiwan and to strengthen ties with countries in North America.
Saint Lucia Relationship "Under Control": Minister (2017-03-08)
(Taipei Times, By Alison Hsiao) The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs denied any issues regarding Saint Lucia - Taiwan diplomatic relations after the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that the relationship with a Caribbean nation may be unstable. The idea that Saint Lucia would be the unstable one stems from the fact that the ambassador to Saint Lucia was recently replaced.

Self-Sufficiency Is Key To Taiwan’s Defense, Feng Says (2017-03-09)
(Taipei Times, By Chen Wei-han) Minister of National Defense Feng Shih-kuan yesterday reiterated the need for the nation to build up its self-sufficiency to minimize its dependence on foreign arms sales, saying the nation’s defense industry has fallen more than a decade behind the rest of the world in key technologies.

Call The APIC Team: Industry, Gov't Launch 'New Southbound' Task Force (2017-03-09)
(China Post, By Christine Chou) The government appears to be stepping up its efforts to pivot toward Southeast Asia — and away from mainland China — as the Economics Ministry and national corporate groups joined hands Wednesday to announce the launch of the Committee on Asia-Pacific Industrial Cooperation. The new government-backed committee is dedicated to promoting trade and business between Taiwan and six designated countries.

KMT Denies Chairwoman to Visit China (2017-03-10)
(Taipei Times, By Stacy Hsu) KMT headquarters denied any rumors that the party's chairwoman, Hung Hsiu-chu, would be visiting the PRC during her reelection campaign. These rumors initially began following the report that she would be cancelling a trip to the United States so she could be closer to Taiwan during her campaign.

Ex-President Ma Denies Causing KMT 2014, 2016 Election Defeats (2017-03-10)
(China Post, By Eric Huang) Former President Ma Ying-jeou rejected the idea that his party's close ties with China could be the reason that the KMT lost the elections in 2014 and 2016. He is currently in the United States on a 12-day visit to speak at events about US-Taiwan relations.

Swiss Presence at Taipei Show Reflects Growth of Swiss-Taiwan Collaborations (2017-03-10)
(China Post, By Kuan-lin Liu) Christoph Blatter, the Secretary-General for Switzerland's largest industrial employer, praised the collaborations between Switzerland and Taiwan in the fields of machine tools and engineering. At the Taipei International Machine Tools Show, he continued to speak about future collaborations between the two countries.

Taiwanese Linked to Islamic State Under Surveillance (2017-03-10)
(Taipei Times/CNA) The National Security Bureau announced that eight Taiwanese are being monitored due to suspicions that they may be affiliated with the Islamic State terrorist group. This comes following the deportation of an Indonesian woman last month on suspicions of her association with IS as well.

Investment To Help Achieve Unification With Taiwan: China (2017-03-12)
(Taipei Times/Reuters) Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei yesterday said that investment across the Taiwan Strait could help achieve China’s aim of achieving unification with Taiwan, calling for Taipei to be more open to Chinese businesses.

VP Stresses Commitment to "Green" Policies (2017-03-13)
(Taipei Times, By Stacy Hsu) Vice President Chen Chien-jen stated Taiwan's commitment to environmental sustenance and "green" initiatives around the country and the world. These include reforestation and decorating the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Taiwan Takes Possession Of Two US Frigates (2017-03-13)
(Taipei Times, By Chen Wei-han) The US signed over two decommissioned Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates to Taiwan last week, which are scheduled to enter the navy’s service by the end of May. In related news, Commander of the Navy Admiral Huang Shu-kuang is scheduled to have meetings with high-level US officials, likely from the White House and the Pentagon, although details of the meetings have not been revealed.

U.S.-China Relations
 How to Get Tough on China, in Six Easy Steps (2017-03-03)
(Council on Foreign Relations/Foreign Policy, By Ely Ratner) The Trump White House has said it will stand up to China, but if not managed correctly, a tougher stance could result in a self-defeating confrontation.

Don’t Call it the New Chinese Global Order (Yet) (2017-03-07)
(Foreign Policy, By Björn Jerdén, Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Paul Haenle, and Shen Dingli) The United States has many strengths. The question is how many it will squander in coming years.

China Warns of Arms Race After U.S. Deploys Missile Defense in South Korea (2017-03-07)
(New York Times, By Gerry Mullany and Chris Buckley) Beijing denounced the United States’ decision to use the Thaad technology and vowed to “take the necessary steps to safeguard our own security interests."

Washington Says 'One China' Policy Unchanged (2017-03-09)
(China Post/CNA) The U.S. State Department said Tuesday that there has been no change to the country's "One China" policy since President Donald Trump took office in January. At a news conference, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said in response to a reporter's question that the United States' long-standing policy on cross-Taiwan Strait issues remained the same.

THAAD and the Future of Strategic Stability in East Asia (2017-03-10)
(The Diplomat, By Eric Gomez) The deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system to South Korea, announced by U.S. Pacific Command on March 6th, improves the United States’ deterrent against North Korean attack. Yet it could also significantly damage strategic stability between the United States and China—a downside that has not been widely discussed.

Why U.S. Antimissile System in South Korea Worries China (2017-03-11)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) The Chinese government fears that the antimissile system, called the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or Thaad, could erode its nuclear deterrent.

Trump’s Decision to Honor the One-China Policy: How Best to Explain It? (2017-03-08)
(IPP Review, By John Copper) Despite US President Donald Trump's statements on his campaign trail, he has shown a turnaround in beliefs and policy since he entered office.

South China Sea Disputes and Other Regional Issues
 For the United States, Freedom of Navigation in Asia Concerns More Than Just China (2017-03-07)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) What’s notable is that every claimant in the complex web of maritime and territorial disputes in the South China Sea — including the Philippines, a U.S. treaty ally, and Taiwan and Vietnam, U.S. partners — had excessive claims challenged by the United States. Indeed, the basis of U.S. policy in the South China Sea has been support for international law and freedom of navigation and overflight.

The Era of Coast Guards in the Asia Pacific is Upon Us (2017-03-08)
(CSIS/Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, By Lyle Morris) My research, published recently in Naval War College Review, suggests that coast guards, not navies, are the new asset of choice for many states in East and Southeast Asia to assert sovereignty over disputed waters. This shift is driven in part by a perception among regional policymakers that coast guards offer a less militaristic face of state power in disputed maritime areas, as well as by a presumption that coast guards demonstrate that the dispute in question is under domestic civilian jurisdiction, subject to domestic laws and regulations.

China-India Rivalry Could Have Deadly Consequences for Afghanistan (2017-03-09)
(The Diplomat, By Baisali Mohanty) China and India are competing to be seen as leaders on the Afghanistan issue, resulting in a deadlock.

China Proposes US-N Korea Suspension (2017-03-09)
(Taipei Times/AP) The Chinese Minster of Foreign Affairs yesterday said that North Korea could suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for a halt in joint US-South Korea military drills, in an unusually public proposal that analysts said showed Beijing’s growing alarm over the tensions.

Airlines Cut Flights Between S Korea, China Over THAAD (2017-03-11)
(Taipei Times/Reuters) Airlines yesterday cut some routes between China and South Korea as the fallout spread from a diplomatic row over Seoul’s plans to deploy a US missile defense system regardless of Beijing’s objections.

Japan, US Navies Conduct Joint Drill In East China Sea (2017-03-11)
(Taipei Times/AFP) The US and Japanese navies yesterday said they completed a four-day joint exercise in the East China Sea, as tension intensifies in the region following North Korea’s missile tests. The training, characterized by Japanese media essentially as a show-of-force exercise, coincided with renewed tensions in the region after North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launches earlier this week.

China's Navy Will 'Intercept' and 'Follow' Military Vessels and Aircraft (2017-03-12)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) Wang’s comments on aerial interception could presage the declaration of an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) over the South China Sea by China. Beijing made a similar declaration in November 2013 for the East China Sea, where it disputes territory with Japan.

Hanoi Demands China Cruise Ships Stop (2017-03-14)
(Taipei Times/Reuters) Vietnam yesterday demanded that China stop sending cruise ships to the South China Sea in response to one of Beijing’s latest steps to bolster its claims in the waterway. A Chinese cruise ship with more than 300 passengers visited the disputed Paracel Islands earlier this month.

Tillerson Goes to Asia: What's on the Agenda (2017-03-14)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to Asia this week on his first trip to the region since his confirmation as U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s top diplomat. Tillerson will begin his tour with a visit to Japan on Wednesday, March 15, then move on to Seoul on March 17, and end his trip in Beijing on March 18.
PLA, Military Balance and Arms Sales
 Defense Minister Explains Aircraft Program (2017-03-06)
(Taipei Times) The Minister of National Defense, Feng Shih-kuan, explains that Taiwan's greatest contribution to maintaining peace in the Asia-Pacific would be its willingness to defend itself.

China To Boost Defense Spending By 7% (2017-03-05)
(Taipei Times/AFP) China will raise defense spending “about 7 percent” this year as it guards against “outside meddling” in its disputed regional territorial claims, a top official said yesterday, in an apparent reference to Washington.

The PLA’s Potential Breakthrough in High-Power Microwave Weapons (2017-03-11)
(The Diplomat, By Elsa B. Kania) Chinese scientists have reportedly achieved unexpected success in their development of a high-power microwave (HPM) weapon. This promising form of directed energy weapon combines “soft” and “hard kill” capabilities through the disruption or even destruction of enemy electronics systems.

China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
 China’s 'Two Sessions' and the 2017 Economic Outlook (2017-03-09)
(The Diplomat, By Spencer Sheehan) Li’s work report was light on new economic reforms, indicating that stability remains the government’s main goal.

How Did China Lose South Korea? (2017-03-09)
(The Diplomat, By Xie Tao) Nearly 200,000 Chinese soldiers lost their lives in a war that was fought on behalf of North Korea, yet Chinese sacrifices and friendliness apparently have been reciprocated by ingratitude and resentment. With Beijing and Seoul (and potentially Washington) embroiled in a diplomatic standoff, Pyongyang appears to be the biggest winner again. This might be the biggest irony of Chinese foreign policy.

What’s Under Discussion at One of China’s Biggest Political Gatherings (2017-03-10)
(New York Times, By Karoline Kan) The policy proposals and the online comments that those attract offer a look at the issues on the minds of Chinese people today.

Now That The US Is Out, Beijing Authorities May Be Interested In Attending TPP Talks (2017-03-12)
(China Post, By the news staff) China is mulling participation in upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks to be held in Chile in the wake of the U.S.' withdrawal from the agreement, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson has said.

After $225 Billion in Deals Last Year, China Reins In Overseas Investment (2017-03-12)
(New York Times, By Keith Bradsher) Chinese officials are warning that they will crack down on “blind and irrational” acquisitions amid rising worries about money leaving the country.

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