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Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface and Japan Policy
Japan Summons China’s Envoy in Latest Escalation of Tension Over Disputed Islands (2013-01-09)
(New York Times) The Japanese Foreign Ministry summoned China’s ambassador after Chinese ships entered Japanese-controlled waters for 13 hours, a prolonged incursion that seemed to escalate a standoff over a group of disputed islands.

Beijing Accuses Tokyo of Heightening Isles Tension (2013-01-12)
(Taipei Times) China accused Japan of “creating tension,” a day after China’s air force scrambled two fighters in response to a flight by Japanese jets to intercept a Chinese military plane near Japan-controlled islands. 

Japan Tolerating Fishing: Group (2013-01-11)
(Taipei Times) A fishermen’s association in Yilan County said Taiwanese vessels had operated freely close to disputed islands, a claim a Japanese paper also reported.

To Counter China, Japan and Philippines Will Bolster Maritime Cooperation (2013-01-11)
(New York Times, By Martin Fackler) In a telling sign of how China’s rise has helped turn former wartime foes into allies, Japan and the Philippines agreed to cooperate more closely on maritime security.

In Asia, Ill Will Runs Deep (2013-01-07)
(New York Times, By Odd Arne Westad) Japan’s rise in the late 19th century was seen as an affront by China, which had always felt entitled to the mantle of regional leadership. Most Chinese today therefore regard Japan’s wealth, and its position as America’s main ally in Asia, as results of ill-gotten gains.
South China Sea Disputes
The South China Sea: “Lake Beijing” (2013-01-07)
(The Diplomat, By James Holmes) Is Beijing indeed intent on primacy in the South China Sea and other expanses, to the extent of seeing them as Chinese lakes? Does it possess sufficient naval and military power to make itself the master of the waters within? How large a margin of superiority can the PLA amass in the face of regional competitors? And to what uses would Beijing put its marine primacy once achieved?

Taiwan to Expand Taiping Wharf: Report (2013-01-12)
(China Post) The government plans to expand its wharf at Taiping Island in the South China Sea to accommodate larger vessels as part of its ongoing military enhancement project in the disputed region, a local newspaper said.
U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
Chuck Hagel’s Biggest Task (2013-01-07)
(Foreign Policy, By James Holmes) Chuck Hagel’s most important task is executing the military component of the Obama administration's pivot to Asia. It's a mission that will require an appreciation for the finer points of maritime strategy, a deft diplomatic touch, and an expansive worldview.

The Interview: Admiral Samuel J. Locklear (2013-01-11)
(The Diplomat, By Sergei DeSilva-Ranasinghe) America’s rebalance towards Asia has many talking. The U.S. Navy will be at the forefront of such efforts. Admiral Samuel J. Locklear gives us his take. 
DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
Frank Hsieh Wraps Up Visit to US to Promote Initiatives (2013-01-07)
(Taipei Times) Former premier Frank Hsieh is to conclude his three-week visit to the US to promote his initiative of “constitutions with different interpretations.”

Interview: Su Casts Light on DPP’s Perspective (2013-01-12)
(Taipei Times) Taipei Times’ staff reporters discussed what the alternatives the DPP can propose to the President Ma Ying-jeou administration’s policies with DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang. 
Military Balance and Arms Sales
Bureau Told to Stop Sending Agents to China: Report (2013-01-09)
(Taipei Times) Officers from the Military Intelligence Bureau will no longer be sent “behind enemy lines” in China to collect intelligence, sources are saying.

US Senator Optimistic about Fighter-Jet Sales (2013-01-09)
(Taipei Times) US Senator James Inhofe said he was optimistic about the US government’s authorization for the long-stalled sale of F-16C/D aircraft to Taiwan.

Apache Attack Helicopters to Arrive in Oct. (2013-01-13)
(China Post) A first batch of six U.S.-made AH-64E Apache attack helicopters will be delivered to Taiwan in October, with delivery for the entire purchase of 30 of the aircraft expected to be complete by July 2014, a report said. 
Taiwan's Foreign Relations
US Congressional Delegation to Arrive in Taiwan Today (2013-01-08)
(China Post) A US Congressional delegation headed by James Inhofe, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is scheduled to arrive Taiwan today.

Obama’s Cabinet Picks Indicate Caution (2013-01-09)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) US President Barack Obama’s new cabinet choices indicate that he will continue to be extremely cautious with policies toward Taiwan.

US Report Lists Key Taiwan Policy Issues (2013-01-10)
(Taipei Times) The US Congress may consider 15 “salient” Taiwan policy issues this year, based on the report, The US-Taiwan Relationship: Overview of Policy Issues, released by the Congressional Research Service.

MOFA Downplays Honduras Interference Statement (2013-01-10)
(China Post) MOFA downplayed a Honduras government statement which hinted that Taiwan should not interfere with the Central American ally's internal affairs and that Honduras has the right to expand relations with other countries, including China. 
"Southern Weekend" Incident and China’s Domestic Issues
Amid Protests, China’s Communist Censors Call Media Control ‘Unshakable’ (2013-01-08)
(Washington Post) The Chinese government’s main propaganda organ took a hard line against anti-censorship protesters at the offices of the Guangdong newspaper Southern Weekly, declaring that Communist Party control over Chinese media is “unshakable” and accusing “external” agitators of fomenting the unrest.

Southern Weekly: Of Cock-Ups and Conspiracies (2013-01-09)
(China Real Time Report, By Russell Leigh Moses) The recent censorship efforts at the newspaper Southern Weekend might well be both cock-ups and conspiracies—and neatly summarize the problems and possibilities surrounding the early efforts of new Chinese leader Xi Jinping to stimulate the political system.

Chinese Newspaper Protests End, but Battle Over Censorship Is Unresolved (2013-01-11)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong) The demonstrations have died down, and the reporters and editors are back to work at China’s most prominent weekly newspaper. But the Southern Weekend is sure to remain a crucial battleground over Communist Party censorship.

Reinventing China, Again (2013-01-07)
(Foreign Policy, By Robyn Meredith) China may be ever more closely connected with the rest of the world by globalization, but as China moves deeper into stage three of development, it's political leaders are choosing their own path. And there is no guarantee that China's preferred way forward will dovetail neatly with the interests of the rest of the world.

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