U.S.-Taiwan Relations

DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-01-28U.S. Denounces ICAO for Blocking Critics Supportive of Taiwan Inclusion0
2020-01-23WUHAN VIRUS / U.S. Calls for Taiwan's Inclusion in WHO Amid Epidemic Threat2
2020-01-17AIT Head Highlights U.S.-Taiwan Shared Future Entering 20205
2020-01-18Military Confirms US Warship Transited Strait5
2020-01-18Talks Held with US in Guatemala4
2020-01-18U.S. Senate's Taiwan Caucus Congratulates Tsai on Reelection5
2020-01-16U.S.-China Trade Deal to Have Limited Effect on Domestic Economy: MOEA4
2020-01-14Central Bank to Communicate with U.S. After Forex Report4
2020-01-13Tsai Pitches Trade Pact in Meeting with U.S. Think Tank Visitors6
2020-01-122020 ELECTIONS / Former U.S. Vice President Calls for Stronger Links with Taiwan7
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-01-17China Tells US to Respect Its Territorial Integrity after USS Shiloh Sails through Taiwan Strait2
2020-01-11Taiwan’s High Stakes 2020 Elections4
2020-01-12Entangled US-China-Taiwan Relations Likely Just Got More Complicated after President Tsai Ing-wen’s Big Re-election Victory5
2019-12-27US Warns China against Trying to ‘Coerce’ Taiwan after Shandong Aircraft Carrier Passes Near Island6
2019-12-16Ryan Hass On Taiwan: Don’t Let Partisanship Poison US-Taiwan Relationship3
2019-12-17Taiwan to Team Up with US to Build Fighter Jet Centre, Sending Another Defiant Message to Beijing4
2019-12-18US Senate Passes US$700 Billion Defence Act to Support Taiwan and Counter China and Russia4
2019-12-19China’s Aircraft Carriers Tipped to Team Up to Target Foreign Forces Aiding Taiwan4
2019-12-11Taiwan Invites US Military Observers to Computer War Games during Annual Han Kuang Exercises6
2019-12-06Taiwanese Billionaire Terry Gou Talks Foxconn Investment During US Visit6
Public Opinions
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2016-03-31Taiwanese Want America's Help Joining International Organizations More Than Weapons, TISR Survey315
2016-03-31American Government Attaches Importance to Taiwan Say Half of Taiwanese, TISR Survey302
2014-09-18Americans ‘Neutral’ on Taiwan; China Not a Threat: Poll440
2014-04-11Fewer Taiwanese Believe U.S. Attaches Importance to Taiwan468
2014-04-11Best Thing U.S. Can Do to Assist Taiwan: Help It Join International Organizations526
2013-03-30Ma Less Trustworthy than Xi Jinping: Poll576
2012-11-10Survey Finds Mixed Views on Foreign Policy Priorities601
DayTitleNo. of reviews
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2007-10-02President Reagan's Six Assurances to Taiwan and Their Meaning Today539
2013-01-10US Report Lists Key Taiwan Policy Issues869
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-09-06The Likelihood of Cross-Strait Armed Conflict and Taiwan’s Military and Political Readiness: An Interview with Arthur Ding255
2017-02-28Trump, Taiwan, and the ‘One China’ Policy291
2016-12-14The Past and Future of US-Taiwan Relations: A Conversation With Lung-Chu Chen332
2016-12-13For Taiwan, a Dilemma Over Identity, Economy and China339
2016-11-14INTERVIEW: President Talks Foreign Policy In Trump Era302
2016-10-30INTERVIEW: Taiwan-US Ties ‘Never Been Better,’ US Diplomat Says303
2016-10-29INTERVIEW: AIT Chairman Pledges To Bolster Taiwan-US Relations316
2016-04-21Pac100 Interview with Robert Sutter294
2016-05-04U.S. Hopes Tsai Will Articulate Vision for Cross-Strait Ties: Official291
2016-03-16Hong Kong and Taiwan: The Future of Chinese Deomcracy285

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