DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-02-19China Threatened to Harm Czech Companies Over Taiwan Visit: Letter0
2020-02-05Hong Kong to Quarantine Travelers Coming From Mainland China5
2020-01-28China Extends Holiday to Buy Time as Virus Spreads13
2020-01-28China Has World’s 2nd-largest Arms Industry: Think Tank13
2020-01-21Xi Isn’t Tightening China’s Grip on Hong Kong, Carrie Lam Says9
2020-01-26Xi Warns China Facing ‘Grave Situation’24
2020-01-25Hong Kong Leader Declares Virus Emergency, Halts Official Visits to Mainland China12
2020-01-122020 ELECTIONS / China Asked to Respect Taiwan's Election Results35
2020-01-11Hong Kong Denies Entry to Human Rights Watch Director14
2020-01-08Anti-infiltration Act Won't Impede Cross-Strait Interactions: MAC17
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-02-23Countering China’s Influence Campaigns at European Universities1
2020-02-23Hun Sen Is More Worried About Beijing Than the Coronavirus1
2020-02-23Questions About China’s DF-17 and a Nuclear Capability0
2020-02-23The Ordeal of the Diamond Princess Crew 0
2020-02-23China’s Leaders Say Nation Yet to Turn Corner in Coronavirus Fight0
2020-02-23COVID-19: Dr. Zhong Nanshan Is In0
2020-02-23ASEAN Diplomats Praise China’s Handling of Virus Outbreak0
2020-02-23New Coronavirus Cases Decline in China as Counting Method Revised Again0
2020-02-23Before and Beyond 5G: Central Asia’s Huawei Connections0
2020-02-23China, Southeast Asia Hold Emergency Meeting on Coronavirus Outbreak0
Public Opinions
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2016-10-05Chinese Public Sees More Powerful Role in World, Names U.S. as Top Threat349
2016-06-29As Obama Years Draw to Close, President and U.S. Seen Favorably in Europe and Asia321
2016-05-03China's Most Dangerous Enemy Is Global Public Opinon305
2015-04-13Nearly Half of Taiwanese See China's Rise as Bad for Taiwan312
2013-08-08Islands Dispute Hammers Attitudes 430
2013-07-23Majority of Internet Attacks Originate in Asia-Pacific Region, China Tops List740
2013-07-18China Growing in Power but Popularity Lags: Survey555
2013-06-17Government for the People in China?325
2012-11-06State Media Survey: It’s the Wealth Gap, Stupid479
2012-10-16Chinese Grow Fonder of U.S.-Style Democracy, Survey Finds571
DayTitleNo. of reviews
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-06-07Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2017486
2015-03-01Maps of China cyber construction_HJJ564
2013-05-07Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Development Involving the People's Republic of China 2013722
2010-08-25 Testing Time for US Arms Report on China824
2010-00-00Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2010718
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2019-11-05Assessing the EU-China-US Triangle39
2019-05-26Understanding China’s Vision of Victory92
2019-05-14Andrew Erickson and Ryan Martinson on China and the Maritime Gray Zone83
2019-04-25Hongbin Qu: China’s Tax Cuts Boost Technology Upgrading99
2019-04-02EU China Policy: Time to Toughen Up?94
2019-03-14China in US-Poland Relations: Huawei and Geopolitics106
2019-03-06Andrea and Mauro Gilli on Why China Can't Steal Its Way to Military-Technological Superiority106
2019-02-15MK Tang: China’s Reforms Are Unfinished Business115
2019-02-01China Slowdown Rains on Party’s Parade119
2018-11-28Will China Save the Planet?157

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