DayTitleNo. of reviews
2019-09-21China, Solomon Islands Establish Diplomatic Relations1
2019-09-13Pledges by China Often Benefit Interests of Only Few: MOFA1
2019-09-09Hong Kong Tells US to Stay Out; Students Form Protest Chains4
2019-09-02Special Report: Hong Kong Leader Says She Would ‘Quit’ If She Could, Fears Her Ability to Resolve Crisis Now ‘Very Limited’17
2019-09-01Protests on Roads Near Hong Kong Airport Disrupt Air Travel14
2019-08-31Hong Kong Protesters Plan to Disrupt Airport After Night of Chaos11
2019-08-27'Purely Internal Affairs': China Slams G7 Statement on Hong Kong7
2019-08-25Hong Kong Police Draw Guns in Latest Protest Violence10
2019-08-21Hong Kong Protesters Clash with Police, Angry at Lack of Prosecutions after Subway Mob Attack14
2019-08-15China Border Agents Search Through Hong Kong Travelers’ Phones16
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2019-09-21A Crackdown on Islam Is Spreading Across China0
2019-09-21Clashes Erupt in Hong Kong After Dueling Demonstrations0
2019-09-21Could Ties with Kiribati Be a Boost to China’s Space Ambitions?0
2019-09-20US and Australia Grow Apart on China, behind the Smiles and Handshakes0
2019-09-20Hong Kong Democrat Martin Lee and Cardinal Joseph Zen Say Beijing Kept Tabs on Catholic Meeting in Portugal0
2019-09-20Germany Warns of 5G Attacks by ‘Nation States’ in Veiled Criticism of Beijing and Huawei0
2019-09-20High Noon in Hong Kong0
2019-09-20In Taiwan, Hong Kongers Call for Attention0
2019-09-20China's New Transport Ship Not a Game Changer in South China Sea0
2019-09-20Making Sense of 'Cyber-Restraint': The Australia-China Case0
Public Opinions
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2016-10-05Chinese Public Sees More Powerful Role in World, Names U.S. as Top Threat323
2016-06-29As Obama Years Draw to Close, President and U.S. Seen Favorably in Europe and Asia298
2016-05-03China's Most Dangerous Enemy Is Global Public Opinon283
2015-04-13Nearly Half of Taiwanese See China's Rise as Bad for Taiwan289
2013-08-08Islands Dispute Hammers Attitudes 408
2013-07-23Majority of Internet Attacks Originate in Asia-Pacific Region, China Tops List692
2013-07-18China Growing in Power but Popularity Lags: Survey521
2013-06-17Government for the People in China?297
2012-11-06State Media Survey: It’s the Wealth Gap, Stupid447
2012-10-16Chinese Grow Fonder of U.S.-Style Democracy, Survey Finds536
DayTitleNo. of reviews
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-06-07Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2017425
2015-03-01Maps of China cyber construction_HJJ503
2013-05-07Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Development Involving the People's Republic of China 2013656
2010-08-25 Testing Time for US Arms Report on China775
2010-00-00Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2010657
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2019-05-26Understanding China’s Vision of Victory35
2019-05-14Andrew Erickson and Ryan Martinson on China and the Maritime Gray Zone32
2019-04-25Hongbin Qu: China’s Tax Cuts Boost Technology Upgrading53
2019-04-02EU China Policy: Time to Toughen Up?49
2019-03-14China in US-Poland Relations: Huawei and Geopolitics59
2019-03-06Andrea and Mauro Gilli on Why China Can't Steal Its Way to Military-Technological Superiority60
2019-02-15MK Tang: China’s Reforms Are Unfinished Business73
2019-02-01China Slowdown Rains on Party’s Parade76
2018-11-28Will China Save the Planet?112
2018-09-19China and Israel in the Belt and Road Initiative116

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