DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-10-22Taiwan Urges Vatican to Focus on Religious Freedom in China2
2020-10-19Indonesia Looks to Strengthen Trade, Technology Transfers with Taiwan5
2020-10-18Tournament Showcases Taiwan-Latin America Ties3
2020-10-17Chinese Embassy in India Interfering with Press Freedom: Taiwan4
2020-10-14TPP Calls for Reversal on Decisions Over US Meat3
2020-10-16Taiwanese Legislative Group Vows to Enhance Relations with India3
2020-10-15Taiwan, U.S., Japan Discuss Intellectual Property Rights Protection17
2020-10-15Taiwan Demands Correction of Designation as 'Province of China' by IMF4
2020-10-13Tsai Welcomes ‘New Era’ of Ties with Somaliland4
2020-10-10German State Lawmakers Promote Taiwan Exchanges6
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-10-22Time for a Positive EU Policy on Taiwan2
2020-10-22The Taiwan–India ‘Milk Tea Alliance’2
2020-10-22China Tried to Pry India and Taiwan Apart. They Only Grew Closer.2
2020-10-16KMT Pushes for Formal US-Taiwan Ties in Course Change for Beijing-Friendly Party5
2020-10-09Taiwan’s Economic Challenges beyond COVID-191
2020-09-28Pope Cancels Pompeo Meeting as China Bishops Deal Up for Renewal0
2020-10-05For Taiwan, Diplomatic Green Shoots are Emerging in Europe3
2020-10-01Taiwan Charges Five Politicians With Bribery, Sparking Criticism of Weak Lobbying Laws5
2020-10-01Taiwan’s KMT May Have a Serious ‘1992 Consensus’ Problem5
2020-09-25As China Opens Embassy in Solomon Islands, A Bitter Feud over Values Fuels Separatist Bid3
Public Opinions
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-05-12Taiwanese Support Closer Ties with US over China, Few Identify as Solely Chinese, Pew Research Survey Finds37
2019-01-15Taiwan National Security Survey (2002-2019)342
2018-11-01People Lose Faith in DPP's Leadership before Upcoming Election266
2018-09-2635.7% Think DDP Intervening Upcoming Elections254
2018-08-31Premier Lai's Distrust Rating Hits a Record High278
2018-08-0246% Supports Tsai to Negociate with Beijing on the Premise of "One-China Principle"274
2018-07-18Majority Backs Ma Probe: Survey267
2018-07-15DPP Outdoes KMT on Reform but not on Ability to Govern: Survey269
2018-07-03Most Taiwanese Satisfied with Pension Reform Outcome: Poll264
2018-06-30Only 13% Believe Taiwan’s Economy is Now in the Best Condition266
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-10-10President Tsai Ing-wen's National Day Address540
2016-10-10President Tsai Ing-Wen's National Day Address650
2013-04-16President Ma's Remarks at the Video Conference with CDDRL at Stanford University859
DayTitleNo. of reviews
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2018-12-18Taiwan Elections: Impact on US-China Relations193
2018-05-14Interview: MND Sees Defense Self-Sufficiency as Priority193
2018-01-22President Says She is Fully Committed to Realizing Ideas, Ideals278
2018-01-02INTERVIEW: Southbound Projects to Show Nation’s Worth: Minister291
2017-12-10Transitional Justice Act: Interview: Wu Says Act Can Collect 'Hidden' Records, Increase Trust288
2017-12-04INTERVIEW: Defense Needs Quality: Military R&D Head289
2017-10-03'5 Plus 2' Program Aims to Elevate Industrial Base: Tsai290
2017-07-07Q&A: The (Re)Emergence of Taiwan Identity and Implications for Beijing308
2017-05-20Inauguration Anniversary: INTERVIEW: Tsai Emphasizes Infrastructure Development278
2017-05-19INTERVIEW: President Tsai Facing the Nation's Problems Head On282

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